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World Allergy Organization
WAO's mission: To be a global resource and advocate in the field of allergy, advancing excellence in clinical care through education, research and training as a world-wide alliance of allergy and clinical immunology societies.

World Allergy Day 2009

2009 World Allergy Day

Announcement - World Allergy Day, Patient Activities and Other Events in Buenos Aires, Argentina

World Allergy Day
The World Allergy Organization (WAO) designed this World Allergy Day to encourage awareness of and education in allergies, particularly Childhood Asthma, within your country. World Allergy Day 2009 is Wednesday, 9 December 2009 hosted at the World Allergy Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 6 - 10 December 2009.

World Allergy Day Materials
The World Allergy Organization grants free permission to WAO Member Societies to reproduce materials in part or in their entirety for the purposes of World Allergy Day promotions. WAO recommends that WAO Member Societies customize materials to address the specific local interests or concerns of their respective region. All materials accommodate space for WAO Member Society and local contact information. The World Allergy Day promotional kit includes:

Suggestions for Getting Started...

Specific World Allergy Day Audiences
Share World Allergy Day materials with each of the following groups using the suggestions listed below.




All World Allergy Day materials are accessible on the WAO web site at:

To continually improve future World Allergy Day materials, WAO encourages WAO Member Societies to complete and fax the enclosed evaluation form to the WAO Secretariat (+1 414 276 3349) or download the evaluation form online, complete it and email it to