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Juan C. Ivancevich, MD, PhD

Juan C. Ivancevich is a member of the Board of Directors, World Allergy Organization (WAO). He is Associate Professor of Immunology at del Salvador Medical School and Head of Allergy & Immunology at Clínica Santa Isabel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is also Secretary General of the Latin American Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SLAII).

Prof. Ivancevich earned his medical degree at del Salvador Medical School in Buenos Aires, and his postgraduate degree in Internal Medicine at the Air Force Hospital in Córdoba, Argentina. He was trained in Allergy & Clinical Immunology at the Argentine Association of Allergy & Immunology (AAAI) and the Immunology & Allergy Unit at Central Railway Hospital in Buenos Aires.

Prof. Ivancevich is a Member of the AAAI, SLAII, and Interasma and an International Guest Member of several Latin American societies. He has authored numerous publications and several book chapters on topics in the specialty, and is co-author of consensus documents.

His research interests are in the mechanisms and treatments of allergic rhinitis; asthma and the link between the upper and lower airways; immunotherapy; and anaphylaxis and its epidemiology, causes and treatment.

Prof. Ivancevich is also immersed in the field of health communications and medical informatics with a strong interest in the dissemination of scientific knowledge through electronic media and social networks. He is the Editor-in-Chief of, the official website of WAO and editor of Interasma’s website. He created and served as editor of the websites of the AAAI and SLAAI. He moderates a mailing list he created, bringing together allergy/immunology specialists throughout Latin America, Spain and Portugal.