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Volume 12, Issue 12, December 2015

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President's Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As my Presidency of the World Allergy Organization (WAO) comes to an end, I want to express my sincere thanks for the opportunity to serve as President. During my 2014-2015 Presidency I was honored to work with an incredible Board of Directors who are leaders in the field of allergy, asthma, and immunology. With this team of leaders, and with the help of our many volunteers, WAO continued to progress forward and I’d like to share with you some of the many accomplishments from the past two years.

Scientific Meetings
WAO hosted the 3rd WAO International Scientific Conference (WISC 2014) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the XXIV World Allergy Congress (WAC 2015) in Seoul, Korea, and the 2015 WAO Symposium in Miami, USA. These meetings provided incredible scientific value to the allergy and immunology community worldwide.

The meetings would not be successful without the contributions of our participants, volunteers, speakers, and of course our host societies, including the Brazilian Association of Allergy and Immunology (ASBAI), the Korean Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology (KAAACI), and their mutual collaborating partner, the Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Allergy, Respirology and Immunology (APAPARI).

Through great effort and sustained collaboration, I know our scientific programs will continue to exceed expectations in the future, including the WAO International Scientific Conference (WISC 2016) in Jerusalem, Israel. [...] Read More>>

WAO International Scientific Conference (WISC) 2016

Save the Dates!

6 - 9 December 2016
The WAO International Scientific Conference (WISC) 2016 is partnering with the Israel Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (IAACI) and their mutually collaborating partner Allergists for Israel (AFI).

WAO Symposium on Food Allergy and the Microbiome

Thank you for attending the 2015 WAO Symposium on Food Allergy and the Microbiome.

More than 256 delegates from 39 countries participated in the Symposium which offered a scientific program with 25 international speakers who delivered 48 presentations.

Two New WAO Member Societies

WAO welcomes the Dominican Society of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology and the Haitian Society of Allergy and Immunology, the newest Member Societies of WAO.

WAO now consists of 97 regional and national allergy, asthma and clinical immunology societies from around the world.

If your National or Regional Society is not yet a member of WAO (see full list here) please submit an application online.

View the WAO Meetings Calendar for worldwide professional events!

WAO Social Media

WAO Symposium on Food Allergy and the Microbiome - Social Media Results

The twitter feed and other WAO social media sites gathered a lot of activity! WAO would like to thank everyone who participated. Special thanks to those on site who participated in the live Twitter feed. WAO reached an outstanding 113,161 users on Twitter with 169 posts.

WAO on Social Media

WAO’s social media pages bring you up-to-date information about current news and events of interest to allergists/ immunologists. You also get updates on future meetings, scientific content, and what is new at www.worldallergy.org.

WAO would like to thank its followers: Now over 3,350 followers on Twitter and 2,760 likes on Facebook!

Visit both pages for the latest WAO news!

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World Allergy Week 2016: Pollen Allergies – Adapting to a Changing Climate

Call for Resources: Does your member society have resources online for pollinosis and climate change which might be helpful to physicians or patients?

Send the links to smachart@worldallergy.org and we will include them on our World Allergy resource page.

WAO Member Societies: Click here to download the World Allergy Week 2016 logo for your website and be sure to link the logo back to www.worldallergyweek.org.


December 2015
Volume 8
Alessandro Fiocchi, MD
Erika Jensen-Jarolim, MD


Clinical phenotype and allergen sensitization in the first 2 years as predictors of atopic disorders at age 5 years
Quah PL, Loo EXL, Lee GNLY, Kuo I-C, Gerez I, Villablanca Llanor G, Chan YH, Aw M, Shek LP-C, Lee BW
Full Text

Asthma education material for children and their families; a global survey of current resources
Everard ML, Wahn U, Dorsano S, Hossny E, Le Souef P
Full Text


Urticaria as initial finding of a patient with carcinoid tumor
Cherrez Ojeda I, Calderon JC, Plaza K, Vanegas E, Cherrez A, Cano J
Full Text


Risk multipliers for severe food anaphylaxis
Smith PK, O’Hourihane JO, Lieberman P
Full Text

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Articles published in the WAO Journal are available through PubMed Central and PubMed.


Severe Asthma Symposium Now Online!

Recent Understanding for New Mechanisms of Allergy and Airway Inflammation, a symposium from the Collaborative on Severe Asthma (COSA), is now available online here. The symposium lectures were recorded in Seoul during the World Allergy Congress (WAC 2015). The Chairpersons presiding were Profs Lanny J Rosenwasser and Mario Sanchez-Borges. Prof Hans-Uwe Simon presented on “New Insights into Eosinophil-Mediated Immunopathology”; Prof Deborah Strickland presented on “Similarity and Difference between Th2 Inflammations”; and Prof Koichiro Asano presented on “Clinical Phenotypes and Molecular Mechanisms of Severe Asthma”.

Visit the website of the WAO Collaborative on Severe Asthma to find resources on severe asthma. Dr Christina Ciaccio conducts a literature survey every month and posts summaries and article references. Watch for announcements of upcoming COSA lectures in 2016.

The online production and distribution of the symposium, and the COSA website, are made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from Teva.

Medical Journal Reviews

Editors' Choice
Literature Review

Juan Carlos Ivancevich, MD
John Oppenheimer, MD

Childhood asthma prediction models – a systematic review

Read this and all reviews

What Is New in Small Airways Research?

By Ves Dimov, MD

Exhaled particles as markers of small airway inflammation in asthma

Read this and all article reviews

What Is New in Severe Asthma Research?

By Christina E Ciaccio, MD, MSc

Improved asthma control in patients with severe, persistent allergic asthma after 12 months of nightly temperature-controlled laminar airflow

Read this and all article reviews

Allergy Book Review

Book Review

Nutrition, Gut Microbiota and Immunity: Therapeutic Targets for IBD

By Lewis JD, Ruemmele FM, and Wu GD

Reviewed by Andreea Popescu, MD

Read the review

Interactive Case Reports

WAO would like to thank Dr. Bob Lanier, Editor of Interactive Case Reports, and Dr. Richard Lockey, Contributor, for their support of this educational program.

Started in 2006, Interactive Case Reports, gives you the chance to test your knowledge and make a diagnosis on an unusual case history. The case study is pictorially presented, along with questions and possible diagnoses. Once you select your diagnosis, you immediately learn whether or not your diagnosis corresponds to that of the experts who posted the case, and are able to read the rationale for the diagnosis and suggested treatment provided by the expert.

If you would like the opportunity to submit an Interactive Case Report please contact Samantha Machart.

What's New


Debates in Allergy Medicine

Alessandro Fiocchi, MD, and Erika Jensen-Jarolim, MD, Editors-in-Chief, are proud to announce the first articles in a new collection of the World Allergy Organization Journal (WAO Journal), Debates in Allergy Medicine. The series introduces allergy topics of common interest as dialogues, taking up the tradition of the scientific method by comparing the different views presented on a given topic.

“The article series starting this week aims to offer a place for opposing opinions where readers may consider the different lines of reasoning and make their own evaluations. I would like to sincerely thank Erika Jensen-Jarolim, Co-Editor-in-Chief, and our colleagues on the Journal Editorial Board, for their time and contributions to this project. We hope that this series will be of value to our worldwide audience of allergists and all physicians interested in allergy and related conditions. If so, these debates will ultimately benefit the clinical management of patients.” -- Alessandro Fiocchi

The first debate published on 14 December 2015:
Con View – Debates in Allergy Medicine: Food intolerance does not exist (Sten Dreborg)
Pro View – Debates in Allergy Medicine: Food intolerance does exist (Yvan Vandenplas)


Recent Understanding for New Mechanisms of Allergy and Airway Inflammation

WAO is pleased to announce the launch of a new online lecture series on "Recent Understanding for New Mechanisms of Allergy and Airway Inflammation". The lectures were part of the symposium of the WAO Collaborative on Severe Asthma (COSA) and were recorded during the World Allergy Congress (WAC 2015) in Seoul, South Korea.

This program consists of:

New Insights into Eosinophil-Mediated Immunopathology presented by Hans-Uwe Simon, MD, PhD (University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland)

Similarity and Difference between Th2 Inflammations presented by Deborah Strickland, PhD (Experimental Asthma Research Group, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, West Perth, Australia)

Clinical Phenotypes and Molecular Mechanisms of Severe Asthma presented by Koichiro Asano, MD (Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Medicine, Tokai University School of Medicine, Kanagawa, Japan)

Question and Answer Session

Click here to access the online lecture.

The production and distribution of this symposium was made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from Teva.


Check out December’s Junior Member News by the WAO Junior Members Group Chairs, Dr Luciana Kase Tanno and Dr Ves Dimov. We greatly thank both of them for their contributions to this month’s WAO Junior Member News and their contributions to the WAO Junior Members Group Steering Committee for the 2014-2015 term!


WAO has been recognized in the 2015 MarCom Awards, judged and administered by the International Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. The WAO website and WAO News & Notes received the 2015 Gold Award, which is presented to those entries judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm. WAC 2015 Seoul Insider received an Honorable Mention. There were over 6,000 entries worldwide.

Congratulations to Prof. Juan Carlos Ivancevich, Web Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Dana Wallace, Deputy Editor, the WAO Web Editorial Board, and all content contributors, reviewers, and translators involved in the WAO website.

PhARF Award 2016

The Phadia Allergy Research Forum (PhARF) invites you to nominate a candidate for the 2016 PhARF Award. The objective of PhARF is to encourage progress in allergy research, specifically through the PhARF Award, which is aimed at recognizing outstanding younger investigators. The Award amounts to 50,000 USD.

Nomination Deadline: 31 December 2015
To nominate, click here.


As requested by the French Health Authority (ANSM), manufacturing activities and distribution of products manufactured by Stallergenes SAS at the Antony (France) plant have been temporarily suspended as of 2nd December 2015. For an official statement from Stallergenes, click here.