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Volume 12, Issue 11, November 2015

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President's Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

 There are a few activities of WAO that I would like to highlight for you this month and express my appreciation to all volunteers and supporters for your ongoing commitment to achieving the goals of WAO. 

The XXIV World Allergy Congress (WAC 2015), which was our joint meeting with the Korean Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology (KAAACI), and their mutual collaborating partner, the Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Allergy, Respirology and Immunology (APAPARI), was held 14-17 October 2015, in Seoul, Korea. [...] Read More>>

WAO Symposium on Food Allergy and the Microbiome

Register today for this two-day meeting that will offer both academic and clinical information for participants on the human microbiome as it relates to allergy and also on the important aspects of food allergy research and practice.

Click here to view the Online Scientific Program.


The WAO International Scientific Conference (WISC) 2016 is partnering with the Israel Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (IAACI) and their mutually collaborating partner Allergists for Israel (AFI).

New WAO Member Societies

WAO Welcomes Two New Member Societies!

WAO now consists of 97 regional and national allergy, asthma and clinical immunology societies from around the world.

New WAO Member Societies:
• Dominican Society of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
• Haitian Society of Allergy and Immunology

If your National or Regional Society is not yet a member of WAO (see full list here) please submit an application online.

View the WAO Meetings Calendar for worldwide professional events!

WAO Social Media


The 2015 WAO Symposium on Food Allergy and the Microbiome is using social media! You can read what everyone is talking about and stay connected with WAO and other attendees before, during, and after the meeting by using the hashtag #WAOSym2015.

Use #WAOSym2015 on:

Instagram LinkedIn
Twitter Facebook

World Allergy Week 2016

WAO is proud to announce World Allergy Week 2016 (4-10 April) which will focus on the theme of Pollen Allergies – Adapting to a Changing Climate.

Member Societies: Download the World Allergy Week 2016 logo for your website and be sure to link the logo back to www.worldallergy.org/physician-resources/world-allergy/world-allergy-week-2016.

WAO will continue to provide updates about World Allergy Week 2016 resources and activities in the WAO News & Notes and at www.worldallergyweek.org


November 2015
Volume 8
Alessandro Fiocchi, MD
Erika Jensen-Jarolim, MD


Allergen immunotherapy (AIT): a prototype of Precision Medicine
Canonica GW, Bachert C, Hellings P, Ryan D, Valovirta E, Wickman M, De Beaumont O, Bousquet J
Full Text


2015 update of the evidence base: World Allergy Organization anaphylaxis guidelines
Simons FER, Ebisawa M, Sanchez-Borges M, Thong BY, Worm M et al
Full Text


Higher cord blood 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations reduce the risk of early childhood eczema: in children with a family history of allergic disease
Palmer DJ, Sullivan TR, Skeaff CM, Smithers LG, Makrides M et al
Full Text

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Articles published in the WAO Journal are available through PubMed Central and PubMed.


COSA Lecture in San Antonio

Dr Lanny J Rosenwasser, President of the World Allergy Organization, and Chairperson of the COSA Steering Committee, presented a lecture on Severe Asthma during the Meet the Professor Breakfast at the annual meeting of the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, on Sunday 8 November 2015.

Visit the website of the WAO Collaborative on Severe Asthma (COSA) to find resources on severe asthma. Dr Christina Ciaccio conducts a literature survey every month and posts summaries and article references. Watch for announcements of upcoming COSA lectures in 2016.

The WAO Collaborative on Severe Asthma aims to provide a global platform for physicians and other healthcare professionals around the world to access the most relevant scientific, clinical, and educational resources on severe asthma.

The COSA website is sponsored through an unrestricted educational grant from Teva.

Medical Journal Reviews

Editors' Choice
Literature Review

New Format!

Juan Carlos Ivancevich, MD
John Oppenheimer, MD

Fish and polyunsaturated fat intake and development of allergic and nonallergic rhinitis

Read this and all reviews

What Is New in Small Airways Research?

By Ves Dimov, MD

Term “viral wheeze” is wrong considering the finding of pathogenic bacteria in 86% of wheezy episodes in children

Read this and all article reviews

What Is New in Severe Asthma Research?

By Christina E Ciaccio, MD, MSc

Activated p38 MAPK in peripheral blood monocytes of steroid resistant asthmatics

Read this and all article reviews

Allergy Book Review

Book Review

Nutrition, Gut Microbiota and Immunity: Therapeutic Targets for IBD

By Lewis JD, Ruemmele FM, and Wu GD

Reviewed by Andreea Popescu, MD

Read the review

Thank You, Website Translators!

Every month the President’s Message, Journal Article Reviews, and Book Reviews are translated into several different languages. WAO extends appreciation to these translators for their ongoing contributions:

Arabic: Yehia El-Gamal, MD, PhD and Elham Hossny, MD, PhD

French: Liliane Gendreau-Reid, MD, FRCPC

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Polish: Krzystof Kowal, MD, PhD

Portuguese: Herberto Jose Chong Neto, MD, PhD, FAAAAI

Spanish: Anna Sala Cunill, MD, PhD and Lorena Soto Retes, MD

Read their bios to find out more about the WAO translators.

If you are interested in becoming a translator, contact Samantha Machart.

What's New

WAO Welcomes New Executive Director to the WAO Secretariat

WAO is excited to introduce you to the newest member of the WAO Secretariat, Justin Dodge. The WAO Board of Directors will work closely with him in making the goals of WAO a reality. We look forward to the contributions Justin will make to the growth and success of WAO. Please join us in welcoming Justin!

World Allergy Training School (WATS): Seoul, Korea

On 14 October, the Emerging Societies Program (ESP), a joint initiative of the World Allergy Organization (WAO) and the American College of Allergy, held the World Allergy Training School (WATS) in Seoul, Korea during the XXIV World Allergy Congress.

Be sure to read indepth about this great WATS Program in Seoul!


Check out this month’s Junior Members News by the WAO Junior Member’s Chair and Speaker at XXIV World Allergy Congress (WAC 2015), Prof. Luciana Kase Tanno! We greatly thank Prof. Luciana Kase Tanno for her contribution to this month’s WAO Junior Members News and her participation as a XXIV WAC 2015 Faculty Member!

WAO Website and WAO News & Notes Wins MarCom 2015 Gold Award and WAC 2015 Seoul Insider Wins Honorable Mention

WAO has been recognized in the 2015 MarCom Awards, judged and administered by the International Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. The WAO website and WAO News & Notes received the 2015 Gold Award, which is presented to those entries judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm. WAC 2015 Seoul Insider received an Honorable Mention. There were over 6,000 entries worldwide.

Congratulations to Prof. Juan Carlos Ivancevich, Web Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Dana Wallace, Deputy Editor, the WAO Web Editorial Board, and all content contributors, reviewers, and translators involved in the WAO website.


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