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Committee Publications

Below is a list of committee papers that were published from the start of 2020 to present:

Consensus on DEfinition of Food Allergy SEverity (DEFASE) an integrated mixed methods systematic review (March 2021)
Arasi S, Nurmatov U, Dunn-Galvin A et al.

COVID-19 vaccine associated anaphylaxis: A statement of the World Allergy Organization Anaphylaxis Committee (February 2021)
Turner PJ, Ansotegui IJ, Campbell DE et al.

Biologics and global burden of asthma: A worldwide portrait and a call for action (January 2021)
Caminati M, Morais-Almeida M, Bleecker ER et al.

Air pollution and indoor settings (January 2021)
Rosario Filho NA, Urrutia-Pereira M, D’Amato G et al.

Allergy and coronavirus disease (COVID-19) international survey: Real-life data from the allergy community during the pandemic (January 2021)
Kase Tanno L, Demoly P, Martin B et al.

Consensus on Definition of Food Allergy Severity (DEFASE): Protocol for a systematic review (December 2020)
Arasi S, Nurmatov U, Turner PJ et al.

Immunopathological features of air pollution and its impact on inflammatory airway diseases (IAD) (October 2020)
Rouadi PW, Idriss SA, Naclerio R et al.

World Allergy Organization Anaphylaxis Guidance 2020 (October 2020)
Cardona V, Ansotegui IJ, Ebisawa M et al.

Medical devices in allergy practice (September 2020)
Popov T, Passalacqua G, Gonzalez Diaz S et al.

COVID-19, asthma, and biological therapies: What we need to know (May 2020)
Morais Almeida M, Aguiar R, Martin B et al.

Acute asthma management during SARS-CoV2-pandemic 2020 (May 2020)
Levin M, Ansotegui IJ, Bernstein J et al.

Management of urticarial vasculitis: A worldwide physician perspective (March 2020)
Kolkhir P, Bonnekoh H, Kocaturk E et al.

International expert consensus on the management of allergic rhinitis (AR) aggravated by air pollutants (April 2020)
Naclerio R, Ansotegui IJ, Bousquet J et al.

A WAO-ARIA-GA2LEN consensus document on molecular-based allergy diagnosis (PAMD@): Update 2020 (March 2020)
Ansotegui IJ, Melioli G, Canonica GW et al.

IgE allergy diagnostics and other relevant tests in allergy: A World Allergy Organization position paper (February 2020)
Ansotegui IJ, Melioli G, Canonica GW et al.

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