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Officers & Members of the WAO Board of Directors

According to the WAO Bylaws, the following individuals will automatically succeed to the following positions:

Lanny Rosenwasser (Historian)
Mario Sanchez Borges (Past-President)
Ignacio Ansotegui (President)

The following individuals have been elected to the following positions; the WAO House of Delegates must ratify these elections:

2018-2019 WAO Officers

Motohiro Ebisawa (President-Elect)
Francesca Levi-Schaffer (Secretary-General)
Luis Caraballo (Treasurer)

2018-2019 Board of Directors Members-At-Large

Luciana Kase Tanno
Michael Levin
Bryan Martin
Mario Morais Almeida
Giovanni Passalacqua
Gary Wong
Anahi Yanez