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Bulgarian National Society of Allergology

Mission: The Bulgarian Society of Allergology’s aim is to promote teaching, training and research in the field of Clinical Allergology, as well as to provide periodical specialized materials and organization of educational meetings for allergists and other practitioners interested in Allergology and Immunopathology. All activities directly or indirectly related to these goals do belong to our primary tasks. The Bulgarian Society of Allergology is open to and willing to support initiatives compatible with its own goals. We promote better allergy care and in an alliance with patient charities, associations of medical students in Bulgaria, and some nationally represented pharmaceutical companies we maintain and popularize the World Asthma Day in Bulgaria. Many of our society members have given advice at Government enquiries into allergy care. One of our most valued aims is to keep and uphold the recognition of Allergology as a competitive specialty, as it is highly esteemed in the majority of the European countries and in the USA. This well established recognition leads to better training opportunities and ensures better patient care.

Founded: 1973


The Bulgarian Society of Allergology was founded back in the late 1973. Its aim was to be a legal partner for the practitioners. Our task in promoting better care for allergy patients was highlighted by the increasing number of allergy patients, their diversity in sensitization patterns, and the increasing severity of allergic diseases. Throughout the years the Bulgarian Society of Allergology was guided by Professor P. Kirchev, Professor G. Kosturkov, Professor J. Mileva, and Professor V. Dimitrov. Our current Society President is Professor Bogdan Petrunov.

In 1990, Clinical Allergology was recognized as a separate medical specialty which contributed to the better qualification of the allergy specialists in Bulgaria. Since 1991 the Bulgarian Society of Allergology became a member of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI). The Bulgarian Society of Allergology is a member in Good Standing of the World Allergy Organization (WAO) since 2001.