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You are invited to pose educational, scientific or medical questions about allergy, asthma and clinical immunology to WAO international experts. Your question will be reviewed and, if approved, forwarded to an expert.

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Date Title
12 January 2021Peanuts and Anaphylaxis Due to Cashew Nut
14 December 2020Food Allergy in the Elderly
19 November 2020Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis
23 October 2020MMR vaccine
06 October 2020Role for SCIT
15 September 2020Skin Infection
31 August 2020Dietary Modifications for Chronic Urticaria
19 August 2020Chronic Urticaria, Echinacea, Autohemotherapy
20 August 2019Should rhinoscope be used as a diagnostic tool in young children?
26 July 2019Inhaled corticosteroids and linear growth
18 July 2019Immunology Learning Strategies
14 June 2019Long Acting Beta Agonists in Children with Asthma
01 May 2019Nitric Oxide Airway Measurements
26 April 2019Dupilumab (Dupixent) dose for asthma
12 April 2019Autologous Serum Skin Test
11 February 2019Thunderstorm Asthma
25 January 2019Role of Allergen Immunotherapy in Atopic Dermatitis
17 January 2019Asthma Medication Adherence
07 June 2018Omalizumab in Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria
19 April 2018Wheat Desensitization Protocols
09 March 2018Anti-IgE for Treatment of Anaphylaxis
09 March 2018Perioperative Anaphylaxis
09 March 2018Anaphylaxis vs. Anaphylactoid Reactions
06 April 2017Drug therapy for allergic angioedema
06 April 2017Anti-leukotriene drugs
06 April 2017Earliest age to start skin testing
06 April 2017Serum specific antibodies for dust mites
03 January 2017Percentage of people with allergy start SCIT or SLIT
10 October 2016Probiotics in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis
29 August 2016Anaphylaxis episodes and anaphylaxis deaths
07 July 2016Systematic Reviews
15 June 2016Mast Cell Activation
11 May 2015Allergen-component Diagnostics Food-pollen Allergy
13 April 2015How Allergens Cross Respiratory Membranes
13 March 2015Spring Season Asthma vs. Thunderstorm Asthma
21 July 2014Baker's Asthma
05 June 2014Food Desensitization and SLIT
05 May 2014Constant Itchy Throat with Cough
05 March 2014Climate Change Effects on Allergy
31 January 2014ACE Inhibitors
02 December 2013Role for LABAs before Sports
07 October 2013Skin Testing for Radio Contrast Allergens
30 July 2013Relationship of Dust Mites and Crustaceans

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