Abstract Submission

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this unique global meeting! The WAO International Scientific Conference (WISC) 2019 will welcome basic and translational scientists, clinical immunologists, allergists and researchers interested in exploring the fields of allergy, asthma and clinical immunology.

Abstract Submission Requirements

Submission Deadline: Please review the content of your abstract before submitting. Abstracts must be received by March 20th, 2019, in their final form, including the author listing.

Abstract Authors: An individual may be the first/primary author of only one abstract submitted to WISC 2019.

Abstract Preparation: If accepted for presentation, the first/primary author is the individual who must present the abstract. Please be sure that all contact information is accurate.

Keywords or theme: Each abstract must be submitted with one keyword or theme, chosen by the submitting author. (example: food allergy, asthma..)

Funding: The source of funding of the research summarized in the abstract must be disclosed at the time of submission.

Ethics: The study presented in the abstract should have received ethical committee approval of the authors institution.

Abstract Submission Format

The organization of the abstract should include the following specifications:

A) Rationale: A brief statement of purpose of the study and the hypothesis to be tested
B) Methods: Summarize the predictors and outcomes analyzed, as well as the methods used.
C) Results: Provide a summary of the results including quantitative data, presented in sufficient detail with statistical analysis when possible to support the conclusions. Figures or tables at time of abstract submission are not permitted.
D) Conclusions: Summarize the impact and significance of the findings. 

Abstract Length: The maximum length of an abstract submitted for presentation is 250 words. Use of the words “Rationale, Methods, Results and Conclusions” as described above will not count towards the 250 word total.

Abbreviations: The use of standard abbreviations is desirable (i.e., rbc, kg, mg). A special or unusual abbreviation should be placed in parentheses after the first appearance of the full word for which it represents. Do not use periods after abbreviations or initials. Numerals rather than words should indicate numbers, except to begin sentences.

Drug Names: Non-proprietary (generic) names are preferred. Generic drug names are not capitalized in the body of the abstract.

How to Submit Your Abstract

Contact Person: Carla Irani, MD (carla.irani@usj.edu.lb)

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Travel Grants

Please note that a limited number of travel grants will be available for WAO Junior Members. When you submit your abstract, please also express your interest in applying for a travel grant.

Note: Registration is mandatory for non-juniors who want to submit an abstract

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Important Dates

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20 March 2019

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WISC 2019
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