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Volume 12, Issue 4, April 2015

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President's Message

Dear Friends,

WAO strives to provide a global platform for education and resources to all allergists around the world. To do this well, WAO relies on its Member Societies to assist in partnering on educational opportunities and to participate in WAO events to create this international network for knowledge sharing. With that being said, we would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in the upcoming World Allergy Congress in Seoul, Korea on 14-17 October. [...] Read More>>

XXIV World Allergy Congress (WAC 2015)

Participate in the Scientific Program for WAC 2015 by submitting your Abstract prior to the 15 May 2015 deadline!

Register by 15 May 2015 to receive a discounted registration rate!

Thank You for Making World Allergy Week 2015 a Huge Success!

From 13-19 April, WAO hosted World Allergy Week 2015 in collaboration with its Member Societies. They were joined by patient organizations, hospitals, and many others interested in raising awareness of Airway Allergies – The Human and Economic Burden. A wide range of activities took place during the week including live press conferences and teleconferences, patient education programs, and workshops as well as active promotions through social media channels, websites and blogs. The reports sent to WAO have been posted at www.worldallergyweek.org, which will continue to be updated throughout the next few weeks. See how you collectively raised awareness of airway allergies. WAO is looking forward to collaborating with you again for World Allergy Week 2016!

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April 2015
Volume 8
Alessandro Fiocchi, MD
Erika Jensen-Jarolim, MD
Deputy Editor


Intermittent and episode-driven use of pranlukast to reduce the frequency of wheezing in atopic children: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Ebisawa M, Terada A, Sato K, Kurosaka F, Kondo N, Sugizaki C, Morikawa A et al.
Full Text

The international survey on the management of allergic rhinitis by physicians and patients (ISMAR)
Baena-Cagnani CE, Canonica GW, Zaky HM, Gomez RM, Compalati E, Zernotti ME, Sanchez-Borges M et al.
Full Text


Urticarial vasculitis induced by OTC diet pills: a case report
Cherrez-Ojeda I, Loayza E, Greiding L, Calderon JC, Cherrez A, Adum F
Full Text

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Articles published in the WAO Journal are available through PubMed Central and PubMed.

Authors wishing to submit manuscripts can obtain a submission checklist online.

The worldwide platform of the WAO Journal offers a special opportunity for exchange of information and ideas among different regions of the world. But it is worth remembering that we are all dedicated to the care of patients with allergic diseases, and the Journal is dedicated to promoting any activity that enhances our capabilities in this area and extends new knowledge and information.
– Alessandro Fiocchi, MD

Allergy is a global clinical problem, but the answer to it lies in the allergen molecules. Only when understanding the mechanisms will we have a chance to prevent, diagnosis, and treat allergies in our patients in an optimal way.
– Erika Jensen-Jarolim, MD

Medical Journal Reviews

Editors' Choice
Literature Review

Juan Carlos Ivancevich, MD
John Oppenheimer, MD

Use of modern antidepressant during pregnancy does not increase the risk of asthma.

Read this and all reviews

Allergy Book Review

Book Review

Allergenic Pollen: A Review of the Production, Release, Distribution and Health Impacts

Edited by Mikhail Sofiev, Karl-Christian Bergmann

Reviewed by Delara Babaie, MD

Read the Review

What Is New in Small Airways Research?

By Ves Dimov, MD

Biomarker-based asthma phenotypes of corticosteroid response: high Feno and urinary BrTyr predict ICS response

Read this and all article reviews

Evidence-Based Allergy Reviews

Visit the Evidence-based Allergy webpage, the newest addition to the WAO Physician Resource section, to utilize one of our complete 18 subject literature searches available in two optional, easy to use, reference library formats.

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What's New


Ask the Expert

How Allergens Cross Respiratory Membranes
Expert Responses from: Stephen Holgate, BSc MD DSc FRCP, and Edward Knol, MD

Interactive Case Report

A Case of Chronic Urticaria
Written by Tara Vinyette Saco, Michael C. Balduzzi, and Richard Lockey
Reviewed by Bob Lanier

Allergic Diseases Resource Center

Contact Dermatitis
By Luz Fonacier, MD, and Melanie Chong, MD

Clinical Allery Tip

Airborne Contact Dermatitis
By Margaret Soderberg, MD


WAO TV series, Scientific Interviews with Experts, interviews an author who has had an important paper recently published in a major allergy journal.

New Interview!
Prof. Claus Bachert, member of the WAO Board of Directors, is interviewed about the new document, "ICON: Chronic Rhinosinusitis", during the WAO International Scientific Conference (WISC 2014) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 2014.
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About WAO TV
WAO would like to thank Dr Ves Dimov, Editor of WAO TV, and Matteo Bonini, Associate Editor of WAO TV, for their support of this educational program.

WAO TV is one of the ways WAO communicates with our members, bringing to all relevant messages, educational materials, scientific highlights, and news of significance in our specialty from the WAO and the larger allergy community.

In December 2013, WAO TV launched a new series, Scientific Interviews with Experts. Junior Members interview authors who have had an important paper recently published in a major allergy journal.

If you are a Junior Member and would like the opportunity to interview and expert for Scientific Interviews with Experts please contact Samantha Machart.


Thank you for all abstract authors and presenters in the WAO International Scientific Conference (WISC) 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The abstracts have now been published and can be found here. The abstracts have been published as full text and PDF and the supplement listing will be submitted to PubMed and PubMed Central.


The WAO Henning Løwenstein Research Award is a biennial award given to a young scientist who has shown excellence within the field of allergy. The 2015 Award includes €20,000* and a travel grant to attend the Symposium of Specific Allergy, SOSA, in Rome, Italy, 19-21 November, 2015.

Deadline of application: 30 June 2015

For more information and how to apply, click here.