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Volume 6, Issue 6 WAO Events and Programs - June 2009

New Interactive Case Review

A man with swollen eyes
Written by Manli Qing, MD and Bob Lanier, MD

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Expert Interviews

New conversation with Claus Bachert, MD
Title: Chronic Sinusitis with and without Nasal Polyps
Conducted by Allen P. Kaplan, MD

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WAO House of Delegates
Special Thanks

Many thanks to all the representatives of the 2007-2009 WAO House of Delegates who are participating in the first Electronic Vote to ratify the latest WAO Position Statement on Undergraduate Training in Allergy. If you have received a request for your vote, please be sure the WAO Secretariat receives your response by 3 August 2009. Please contact Kate Kirchner, at kkirchner@worldallergy.org, with any questions or concerns.

call for applicants
The WAO Henning Løwenstein Research Award 2009
Call for applicants

researcherThe WAO Henning Løwenstein Research Award is a biennial award given to a young scientist who has shown excellence within the field of allergy.

The award winner will receive €20,000 and a travel grant to attend the WAO Congress in Buenos Aires, December 6-10, 2009.

For application guidelines and deadlines, please visit www.alk-abello.com "The WAO Henning Løwenstein Award 2009"

WAO Clinical Allergy Tips

A new WAO web series for practicing allergists!
Under the leadership of Stuart A. Friedman, MD, Regional Associate Editor, this newly launched series will post topics monthly to present briefly an insight or technique of interest or value to the clinician. The first topic now online was provided by Dr. Phillip Lieberman on the peripheral eosinophil count.

Phillip LiebermanPhillip A. Lieberman, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
University of Tennessee College of Medicine

Visit the new WAO Clinical Allergy Tips page!

For information on how to submit an article for Clinical Allergy Tips, send an email to: info@worldallergy.org.


The Global Resources in Allergy (GLORIA) curriculum educates medical professionals worldwide, through local, state, regional and national presentations. Modules are created from established guidelines and recommendations to address different aspects of allergy-related patient care. To learn more, click here.

Upcoming US GLORIA Placements

Pensacola Allergy Society
July 16, 2009
Pensacola, FL
Speaker: Dr. Allen Kaplan
Modules: Angioedema, Drug Allergy

2009 US GLORIA placements are funded through unrestricted educational grants from:


World Allergy Forum

June 2009 World Allergy Forum
The Future use of Biologicals in Allergy and Asthma
Speakers: Klaus Rabe (Netherlands), Andrew Wardlaw (UK) and William Busse (USA)

Speaker slides and abstracts from this cutting-edge World Allergy Forum symposium at the EAACI Congress 2009 are now available online. Visit the WAF page on the WAO website.

Recent Postings

WAO-AAAAI Immunology Series
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Allergy Patient Information Online
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WAO Webinars
WAO lectures delivered live over the Internet to WAO Member Society meetings and congresses

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WAO Members

World Allergy Organization Journal
Many options for authors to publish their work

Have you been thinking of submitting a manuscript to the World Allergy Organization Journal. Do you have ideas for possible submissions that you would like to talk over? The Editorial Office welcomes and encourages your questions and suggestions. Send an e-mail to Dr. Lanny Rosenwasser, Editor in Chief, at the Editorial Offices - waoj@worldallergy.org.

The World Allergy Organization Journal, now in its second year of publication, has been expanding with each issue the quality and quantity of original and review articles, editorials, book reviews and case reports. In addition, an expanded representation of submissions from the world's major regions is helping to achieve one of the goals of the Journal's mission:

"To present a forum for scientific interaction between allergists and immunologists worldwide."

Another aspect offered by the World Allergy Organization Journal is the possibility of submission of related papers that may be derived from a National or an International Symposium. Like all submissions to the World Allergy Organization Journal, these papers are peer reviewed and must match the Journal's standards of quality. Recent examples of such submissions include a series on non-allergic rhinitis organized by Dr. Michael Kaliner and held late last year (see NAR Consensus Panel Proceedings, Part 1 in the June posting, now online).

Such possibilities for a series of papers to be considered and reviewed by the Journal for possible posting and publication will be arranged by coordination of the symposium organizers and the Editorial Office of the World Allergy Organization Journal. These innovative approaches to understanding worldwide aspects of allergic disease will represent the trademark of the World Allergy Organization Journal.

WAO JournalWorld Allergy Organization Journal
June 2009


Consensus Review and Definition of Nonallergic Rhinitis with a Focus on Vasomotor Rhinitis, Proposed to Be Known henceforth as Nonallergic Rhinopathy
Part 1. Introduction

Michael A. Kaliner, MD; Judith R. Farrar, PhD

Classification of Nonallergic Rhinitis Syndromes with a Focus on Vasomotor Rhinitis
Michael A. Kaliner, MD

Characteristics of Nonallergic Vasomotor Rhinitis
Jonathan A. Berstein, MD

Pathogenic Mechanisms of Idiopathic Nonallergic Rhinitis
James N. Baraniuk, MD

Epidemiology of Vasomotor Rhinitis
Russell A. Settipane, MD

Discussion: Consensus Definition of Nonallergic Rhinopathy
Michael A. Kaliner, MD; James N. Baraniuk, MD; Michael Benninger, MD; Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD; Phillip Lieberman, MD; Eli O. Metzner, MD; Robert M. Naclerio, MD; Russell A. Settipane, MD; and Judith Farrar, PhD

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