WAO News and Notes

Volume 9, Issue 6, June 2012

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President's MessageRuby Pawankar

Dear Colleagues,

Warm Greetings from the World Allergy Organization!

Many of us have just returned from the annual Congress of the European Academy of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) in Geneva, Switzerland, where several of the WAO Councils and Committees as well as the WAO Executive Committee met. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who took the time to attend and contribute actively to these meetings to assist WAO in our many ongoing projects and initiatives. Read more »
WISC 2012

WISC 2012
Deadlines Approaching!

15 July 2012 — Abstract Submission Deadline

15 July 2012 — Travel Grant Application Deadline

15 July 2012 — Early Registration Rate Deadline

WAO World Allergy Forum

The World Allergy Forum on Eosinophilia and Co-Morbid Conditions at EAACI Congress attracts more than 400 attendees! Read more »

Attention Member Society Representatives

WAO Membership Renewal Deadline 15 July
If you have not already done so, please remember to submit your 2012 WAO Membership renewal materials by 15 July 2012 at the latest. A House of Delegates vote will be conducted late summer. If your Membership materials are not received by the deadline, your Society may be ineligible to vote on the ratification items.

For questions regarding your Society’s WAO membership, please email tchaudary@worldallergy.org.

WAO Journal

June 2012 - Volume 5, Issue 6
Chief Editor: Lanny Rosenwasser, MD

Original Articles

In Vitro Effects of Beta-2 Agonists on Skeletal Muscle Differentiation, Hypertrophy, and Atrophy

Sensitization to Indigenous Pollen and Molds and other Outdoor and Indoor Allergens in Allergic Patients from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Sudan

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Medical Journal Reviews

Literature Review
Editor's Choice

Juan Carlos Ivancevich, MD
Phillip Lieberman, MD

Mechanisms underlying chronicity in allergic inflammation

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Allergy Book Review

Book Review

Parasites and Allergy
Edited by Monique Capron and Francois Trottein

Reviewed by:
Andreea Popescu, MD
Bucharest, Romania

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What's New

WAO’s Special Committee on Climate Change and Allergy
The committee was highlighted in JACI’s News Beyond Our Pages. View the article

Host a U.S. GLORIA™ Angioedema Presentation in 2012
For more information and to apply, click here.

Call for Translators
WAO is looking for Japanese, German, Italian, and Chinese translators with a good command of English to translate the monthly "Editor's Choice Literature Reviews" and "Book Review" as well as possible other website content. If you would like to be considered, please send an email to Becky Anderson at: banderson@worldallergy.org.

What is New in Small Airways Research?

View this month’s reviews


INTERASMA, XXI World Congress of Asthma
We hope to see you at the WAO session during the INTERASMA, XXI World Congress of Asthma, at the Quebec City Convention Center in Canada, 18-21 August 2012.

Upcoming Meetings Worldwide
Looking for more information about allergy or clinical immunology? Attend one or more of the many meetings going on worldwide. View the Worldwide Meetings Calendar.