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Volume 7, Issue 8 WAO Events and Programs - August 2010
WISC Dubai, 5-8 December 2010 - Submit your abstract and register online today

Note from the President

Richard F. LockeyDear WAO Members,

Greetings from Tampa, Florida, U.S.A! I hope that those in the Northern Hemisphere are having a nice summer, and those in the Southern Hemisphere are enjoying the winter.

In years past, it seemed that things became less busy during the summer months. That's no longer true. Four new allergy and immunology residents arrived for training in our Division, and it seems that we are as busy now as any other time of the year. Their arrival reminds me of WAO's responsibilities, which include promoting excellence in care for patients with allergic diseases, asthma, as well as clinical immunology problems, not only in the U.S.A., but also in the entire world.

Allergy and clinical immunology is probably the smallest specialty of all specialties in the world. Yet, up to 30% of individuals in any population at any one time have an allergic problem, and the numbers are increasing. We are a small specialty responsible for large numbers of patients. It behooves all specialists in allergy and immunology throughout the world to make sure that we enhance education and research in the specialty and teach our colleagues in primary care about our specialty and how it affects the care for their patients.

Resources in education and research in the field of medicine, however, are limited, perhaps even more so now than in past years. Therefore, it is even more imperative that WAO and its Board collaborate as much as possible with allergy and immunology national and regional member societies throughout the world. It is also critical that we cooperate and collaborate with primary care physician groups. For example, it makes little sense for WAO to write a position paper or statement which is not endorsed by every regional and national member society in the world and which is not disseminated to primary care physicians. When such a position paper is endorsed by everyone, it enhances the specialty's reputation within each individual country.

Likewise, it makes sense that WAO interact and cooperate as much as possible with its regional member societies to co-sponsor cost-effective post-graduate conferences. WAO has taken a great step forward to help limit conflicting meetings by posting an interactive "calendar of events" on the WAO website. Please go to http://www.worldallergy.org/allergy_meetings/ for more information and make sure the meetings in your country or region are posted, as well as learn what other meetings are being given throughout the world. All regional and member societies are asked to post their conferences on this website to help minimize redundancy and unnecessary conflicts in scheduling.

As I previously informed you, the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology and WAO are going to collaborate in promoting a series of online lectures originating from North America. I hope that you and your member society will take up this cause and do similar types of projects in collaboration with WAO in languages other than English. Educational programs in Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, for example, would be a great resource for our specialty. This kind of collaborative program is the ideal way of educating allergists/immunologists as well as primary care physicians about the importance of the specialty in caring for their patients.

Last but not least, WAO is hosting a major meeting in Dubai entitled "Asthma and Co-morbid Conditions: Expanding the Practice of Allergy for Optimal Patient Care". This meeting will be held 5 - 8 December 2010 and will involve approximately 60 international faculty members, the best in the world. It's a one-of-a-kind conference, and the first of its kind. Please visit the WAO website at www.worldallergy.org to make your reservations. When you see me at the meeting, stop me, introduce yourself and say hello. WAO is your organization and I would love to greet you in Dubai. See you there!


Richard F. Lockey, MD

Small Airways Working Group

Small Airways Working Group Lecture

Ignacio AnsoteguiWAO's Small Airways Diseases Working Group project will host a lecture on "Small Airways and their importance in asthma," presented by Dr. Ignacio Ansotegui (WAO Board Member).

XVI Congress of the Latin American Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
13-16 November 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

WAC 2011
Call for Sister Society Symposia Proposals

Carrying forward the successful tradition of Member Society participation inaugurated with the World Allergy Congress 2007 in Bangkok, WAO has again invited Member Societies to contribute a Sister Society Symposium proposal to the Scientific Program Committee of the 2011 World Allergy Congress in Cancun, Mexico, 4-8 December 2011. To receive more information, please email Katie Vande Zande at kvandezande@worldallergy.org.

Deadline for Submissions: 15 September 2010


Cough and Failure to Thrive
A WAO Interactive Case Review
By Dennis Kim, MD; Jennifer Kim, MD; and Richard F. Lockey, MD

Dennis Kim Jennifer Kim Richard Lockey

Review the case

Edited by Bob Q. Lanier, MD

WISC Dubai


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Scientific Program Highlights

  • Keynote Lunch Symposia
    During the lunch hour on each day of the meeting, there will be a 20-minute lecture from one of the key opinion leaders in the field. Lunch boxes will be available for all attendees.
  • Plenary Sessions
    The 6 plenary presentations will set the stage with distinguished international experts providing context and background through overviews and literature reviews to define unmet needs.
  • Symposia
    The 16 symposia will address a wide range of topics, providing the opportunity for in-depth and detailed exploration.
  • Postgraduate Courses
    Postgraduate Courses will be oriented toward the clinic, have a less formal approach, and be more participatory.

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World Allergy Organization Journal
Volume 3, Issue 8
August 2010
ISSN: 1939-4551

Lanny J. Rosenwasser, MD - Editor-in-Chief


Staphylococcus aureus and chronic airway disease
Lara Derycke, Claudina Pérez-Novo, Koen van Crombruggen, Marie-Noëlle Corriveau, and Claus Bachert


IgE Reactivity to Common Cypress (C. sempervirens) Pollen Extracts: Evidence for Novel Allergens
Youcef Shahali, Jean-Pierre Sutra, Gabriel Peltre, Denis Charpin, Hélène Sénéchal, and Pascal Poncet


May We Strengthen the Human Natural Defenses with Bacterial Lysates?
Elisa Villa, Valentina Garelli, Fulvio Braido, Giovanni Melioli, and Giorgio Walter Canonica

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WAO Journal Launches Podcasts

Readers of the World Allergy Organization Journal (WAO Journal) can now listen to interviews conducted by Lanny J. Rosenwasser, MD, Editor-in-Chief, with authors of articles published in the journal. The first two episodes in the Chief Editor Interviews series regarding "Highlights of the Asthma Summit 2009: Beyond the Guidelines" (Volume 3, Issue 2 February 2010) are available online in the Podcast section of the journal.

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Request for Endorsement of DRACMA Guidelines as WAO Position Paper

In the April 2010 edition of the World Allergy Organization Journal, the WAO Special Committee on Food Allergy published World Allergy Organization (WAO) Diagnosis and Rationale for Action against Cow's Milk Allergy (DRACMA) Guidelines. In order to graduate the DRACMA to a WAO Position Paper, WAO has invited member society representatives (Society Presidents and/or Primary Contacts) to review and comment on the document, and to offer formal endorsement or support.

We kindly request all responses by 8 October 2010.

We look forward to your response and support in successfully completing another WAO position paper. Please contact Kate Kirchner with any questions or concerns, at kkirchner@worldallergy.org.

Upcoming Member Society Meetings

Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASICA) 2010 Annual Meeting
1-3 September 2010
Gold Coast, Queensland

12th Biennial Convention - The Allergy Pandemic: Its Impact on Clinical Practice
Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
5-7 September 2010
Pasay City, Philippines

2nd Clinical Forum of Experts
Polish Society of Allergology and The National Program of Early Diagnostic and Treatment of Asthma (POLASTMA)
8-11 September 2010
Ossa, Poland

5th German Congress on Allergy
German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology
8-11 September 2010
Hannover, Germany

XXIV Congreso Sociedad Chilena de Alergía e Immunología
Chilean Society of Allergy and Immunology
9-11 September 2010
Santiago, Chile

All-Russian forum "Allergology and immunology - Interdisciplinary Problems"
Russian Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology
26-30 September
Sankt-Peterbúrg, Russian Federation

World Allergy Congress (WAC) 2011 - Cancun, Mexico, 4-8 December 2011

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