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Volume 6, Issue 9 WAO Events and Programs - September 2009
World Allergy Congress (WAC) 2009 - Buenos Aires, Argentina,  6-10 December 2009

Allergic Disease Resource Center
New synopsis!

Enrique Fernández-CaldasJosefina ZakzukRichard F. Lockey

Allergen Standardization and Characterization
Enrique Fernández-Caldas, PhD, Allergy Innovations GmbH, Germany
Josefina Zakzuk, MD, Allergy Innovations GmbH, Germany
Richard F. Lockey, MD, University of South Florida College of Medicine

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Announcing the 1st WAO theme-based,
international scientific conference!

International Scientific Conference, Dubai

WAO International Scientific Conference
Asthma and Co-morbid Conditions:
Expanding the Practice of Allergy for
Optimal Patient Care


A unique forum for clinicians, researchers, physicians and allied health professionals with interests in asthma, allergy, immunology, pediatrics, co-morbid conditions and pulmonology.

  • Latest developments in research
  • Clinical issues
  • Review of current theory and practice
  • Hands-on, problem-based learning

Conference President: Richard F. Lockey
Conference Organizing Chair: Ruby Pawankar
WAO President: G. Walter Canonica

Scientific Program Now Available

Immunology Self-Study Course Online: Excellent for Fellows in Training

The new WAO-AAAAI Immunology Series of Online Lectures is an ideal format for trainees. It is a popular self-directed learning series featuring expert lectures on the basic immunology mechanisms underlying allergic disease. Fellows in Training as well as physicians, residents and non-allergist practitioners have found this an invaluable resource for understanding the rationale behind immunotherapeutic strategies.

Access the Immunology Series

David Chaplin
David Chaplin
Jordan Orange
T Cell Immunity
Innate Cellular Immunity
Jordan Orange
Michael Frank
Innate Humoral

Michael Frank
Bruce Bochner
Cells of the
Allergic Response

Bruce Bochner
Lanny Rosenwasser
and their

Lanny Rosenwasser
Mark Ballow
B-Cell Immunity
Mark Ballow
John Steinke
Chemokines and
their Receptors

John Steinke
Thomas Fleisher
Defects of T Cell

Thomas Fleisher

WAO Members


WAO House of Delegates

REMINDER! WAO House of Delegate nominations for the 2009-2011 term must be submitted to the WAO Secretariat by 25 September 2009! Please contact Kate Kirchner with any questions: kkirchner@worldallergy.org.


The Global Resources in Allergy (GLORIA) curriculum educates medical professionals worldwide, through local, state, regional and national presentations. Modules are created from established guidelines and recommendations to address different aspects of allergy-related patient care. To learn more, click here.

Upcoming GLORIA Placements

Joint Congress on Total Lung Health and Allergy
Bangladesh Society of Allergy and Immunology
14-15 October 2010
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Speaker: Ruby Pawankar
Module: Immunotherapy

New Conversations with Allergy and Clinical Immunology Experts

Francine DuCharme
Francine DuCharme, MD, MSc
High dose inhaled corticosteroids for virus-induced wheezing in young children

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WAO Clinical Allergy Tips

Read about the latest topic in this series of clinical insights and techniques.

Madhu B. Narra

What tips for practicing allergists do you have to share? Contact Stuart Friedman, MD, Medical Editor, at: info@worldallergy.org.

New Quiz

Glenis Scadding Check Your Allergy Quotient. The WAO Allergy Quiz is a new feature edited by Dr. Glenis Scadding posted on the home page.

Which of the following statements about the influenza vaccine are true? Take the quiz.

Help Promote the
New WAO Position Paper

"A World Allergy Organization Position Statement: Recommendations for Competency in Allergy Training for Undergraduates Qualifying as Medical Practitioners"

Primary care physicians, rather than trained specialists, treat the majority of patients with common allergic diseases around the world, and the burden of allergic diseases is increasing. This document contains guidelines for inclusion of allergy education and training in the undergraduate medical curriculum. The guidelines will help ensure that medical graduates have the basic knowledge required to recognize and treat common allergic diseases at the primary care level, and to identify when to refer the more complex problems to appropriate organ-based or allergy specialists.

Please promote the paper in your Member Society journal and newsletters. The paper is available as an article in the World Allergy Organization Journal (www.WAOJournal.org).

WAO Leaders to
Receive Prestigious Awards

G. Walter Canonica, President of the World Allergy OrganizationWalter Canonica, President of the World Allergy Organization

Professor G. Walter Canonica, President of the World Allergy Organization, and Professor Yehia El-Gamal, Member of the Board of Directors, will be recognized by the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) during the 2009 Annual Meeting 5-10 November 2009 in Miami, Florida USA. They will receive the International Distinguished Fellow award for outstanding contributions in allergy, asthma or immunology in their countries. Congratulations to Professors Canonica and El-Gamal!

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WAO Clinical Allergy Tips
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WAO JournalWorld Allergy Organization Journal
Volume 2, Issue 9
September 2009


Expertise in Allergy and Immunology Can Aid Other Medical Specialties
S. Gunnar O. Johansson, MD, PhD


Clinico-immunological Analysis of Eggplant Allergy Indicates Preponderance of Allergens in the Peel
Bheemanapalli N. Harish Babu, MSc (Agri); and Yeldur P. Venkatesh, PhD

Cross-allergenicity between Pollen Grains and Their Cytoplasmic Granules on Brown Norway Rats
Oussama R. Abou Chakra, PhD; Jean-Pierre Sutra, PhD; Françoise Rogerieux, MSc; Gabriel Peltre, PhD; Hélène Sénéchal, PhD; and Ghislaine Lacroix, PhD

Detection of Fungi in Indoor Environments and Fungus-specific IgE Sensitization in Allergic Children
Mitsuhiko Nambu, MD, PhD; Hisashi Kouno, MT; Maki Aihara-Tanaka, PhD; Hideharu Shirai; and Kosuke Takatori, DVM, PhD


Eosinophils in Chronic Urticaria: Supporting or Leading Actors?
Riccardo Asero, MD; Massimo Cugno, MD; and Alberto Tedeschi, MD

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