WAO News and Notes

Volume 9, Issue 9, September 2012

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President's MessageRuby Pawankar

Dear Colleagues,

Warm Greetings from the World Allergy Organization!

There has been a great deal of activity in WAO over the past month. While several councils and committees are working hard developing various initiatives, I would like to share updates on our recent, important and exciting initiatives.
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30 September 2012

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Emerging Societies Program
Nairobi, Kenya (10-11 September)

The Emerging Societies Program (ESP), an initiative of WAO and the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI), together with the Ministry of Medical Services of Kenya, the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation of Kenya, and the Allergy Society of Kenya (ASOK), delivered the 1st World Allergy Training School (WATS) and ESP Delegates Meeting in Nairobi. Attended by 47 delegates with more than 9 countries represented, the meeting greatly contributed to the development of the allergy and asthma specialty. Read more »

VII Georgian Congress of Allergology & Immunology

WAO is proud to have Prof. Ruby Pawankar lecture at the upcoming VII Georgian Congress of Allergology and Immunology (GAACI) on 4 – 7 October 2012 in Batumi, Georgia. The GAACI will be held in collaboration with the VII World Congress on Immunopathology, Respiratory Allergy and Asthma.

WAO Journal

September 2012
Volume 5, Issue 9
Chief Editor: Lanny Rosenwasser, MD

Original Articles

International Survey on Evaluation and Management of Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Christopher C. Shaffer, Gisoo Ghaffari
United States of America

World Allergy Organization Study on Aerobiology for Creating First Pollen and Mold Calendar With Clinical Significance in Islamabad, Pakistan: A Project of World Allergy Organization and Pakistan Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology Centre of Islamabad
Shahid Abbas, Connie H. Katelaris, Anand B. Singh, Syed M. Raza, Mir Ajab Khan, Muhammad Rashid, Maryam Abbas, Muhammad Ismail

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Medical Journal Reviews

Literature Review
Editors' Choice

Juan Carlos Ivancevich, MD
Phillip Lieberman, MD

Adjusting inhaled corticosteroid therapy in patients with asthma

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Allergy Book Review

Book Review

Roitt’s Essential Immunology (12th edition)
By Peter J. Delves, Seamus J. Martin, Dennis R. Burton, Ivan M. Roitt

Reviewed by:
Chris Rutkowski, MRCP
Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Book Reviewer Bibliography
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What's New

New! Education and Programs

Interactive Case Report
A Persistent Rash with Urticaria and Angioedema following Penicillin Treatment
Written by Ahmed Butt, MD; Daanish Rashid; and Richard F. Lockey, MD
What is your diagnosis? Access the case

Clinical Allergy Tip
How to improve quality of life for children with hen’s egg allergy
Contributed by Motohiro Ebisawa, MD, PhD and Noriko Hayashi, Research Dietician

Allergy Quiz
Contributed by Juan Francisco Schuhl, MD
A male of 34 years receives a bee sting.... Read the case. Take the quiz.

What Is New in Small Airways Research?
By Ves Dimov, MD

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