Junior Member News - November 2013

Dear WAO Junior Members, Friends and Colleagues,

I take the chance to address you with a new initiative by the Junior Members Group. After an extensive discussion during the EAACI-WAO congress in Milan this year, we proposed the creation of a database of all active junior members, not only the ones involved in the working group. In this way we will facilitate the selection of speakers for WAO meetings, congresses and symposia in the frame of the WAO Junior Member sessions. Hence, we will have a broader and a greater chance to get more and more active juniors involved in WAO activities. Beyond congress participation, this would contribute to the selection of juniors to take part in other WAO projects such as “Ask the Expert” and many more. 

The main data to be requested will include:

  • personal data (name, affiliation, contact details)
  • main research interest and scope of expertise
  • major publications in the field (in the past 3 years)

We are eager to get your feedback regarding this initiative. Please go to Junior Members Group Survey and take 5 minutes to compete the survey with adding your data. This will certainly increase your chance to make your research and ideas visible to WAO. 

On behalf of the WAO Junior Member Group
Dr Razvigor Darlenski, MD, PhD
Sofia, Bulgaria