Junior Member News - January 2014

WAO Junior Members Project – Survey of Skin Patch Testing Procedures and Interpretation

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I will take the chance to share with you all the steps for the construction of the first project designed by the WAO Junior Members Group.

December 2012
The initial idea was exposed during the WISC – World International Scientific Congress - held in India and supported by Professor Ignacio Ansotegui. It was based on the fact that Skin patch testing (PT) is an essential test procedure in clinical practice, but a wide array of interpretations and modifications from the original methods has led to diminished comparability when PT results are reported.

April 2012
The formal proposal has been written, discussed and approved by the WAO Junior Members Steering Group

May 2012
The project proposal has been submitted for the approval of Professor Ruby Pawankar, the President of WAO, and of the WAO Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

June 2013
We had the formal approval of the project during the WAO-EAACI meeting in Milan.

July/August 2013
As the first step of our project aims to survey the types of skin patch testing procedures and interpretations worldwide and try to harmonize it to making it comparable, we constructed a web-based questionnaire.

November 2013
Professors Ruby Pawankar and Ignacio Ansotegui approved the questionnaire.

December 2013
To have a global view of the responses, the survey has been launched to all representatives of National Societies, WAO members Societies, and all WAO Junior Members.  I would like to thank in advance all who spent some time replying it and remember that there is still time to contribute to this first WAO JM project!

Please fill out the survey here: Skin Patch Test Survey

Needless to say that this project is the result of extensively, enthusiastic and very fruitful discussions between all WAO Junior members Steering Group – It has been a pleasure to work with you! I would like to take the opportunity to thank all who have been supporting our ideas and initiatives particularly Professors Ruby Pawankar and Ignacio Ansotegui and the WAO Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

I also would like to show our gratitude to WAO staff, in particular Amanda Hegg, who has been helping us in the WAO JMG activities.

Finally, I would like to wish you all the best for the New Year and looking forward to seeing you soon.
Let’s get ready to meet in Rio (www.worldallergy.org/wisc2014)!


Luciana Kase Tanno, MD
Allergist and Clinical Immunologist
WAO Junior Members Group
Rua Prof Arthur Ramos, 183, cj 21
01454-011 São Paulo-SP Brazil