Junior Member News - July 2014


During the EAACI meeting, held in Copenhagen 7-11th June, WAO JM had a great opportunity of learning and updating knowledge, networking, strengthening friendship ties and reviewing JM activities and plan future steps and initiatives.

WAO JMG Business meeting

The WAO JMG business meeting happened on 8th June 2014 and counted with 7 JM from all around the world and was supported by Amanda Hegg.

  • WISC 2014

We had the chance of updating the activities planned to WISC 2014 to be held in Rio de Janeiro, 6-9th December. The WISC 2014 Scientific Programme will count with Practical Courses to improve the learning experience during the meeting. Practical Courses (PCs) will count of one-hour demonstrations of practical skills and hands-on sessions and/or technology demonstration of important topics in the allergy/immunology field.  All the PCs will have the active involvement of WAO Junior Members and will be held in the WAO Junior Member Networking Lounge during the lunchtime.  Three or four sessions are planned per day running concurrently over the lunch hour. The WAO Junior Members welcome all who wants to improve the learning experience in a friendly atmosphere. It will be a great chance to exchange experiences, updating the knowledge and networking. Don’t miss this opportunity! 

Remember that it is still time to apply for travel grants! Travel grants applications are available just to WAO JM up to 31 July 2014. It will be a great chance to share your data and discuss your results.

Another good new is that we have now a hotel designated to JM!  http://www.eventos.blumar.com.br/wisc2014/hotel-reservation

  • WAO JM Involvement

We discussed the strategies of providing more benefits for WAO JM and the ways to have active participation of more WAO JM into the many activities planned. I take the chance to invite all who want to contribute on sharing the experiences and involvement as JM to write in our News & Notes. Contributions, such as participation on National Societies activities or fellowships, will be very welcome.

  • Visibility of WAO JM

With the aim of increasing the visibility of WAO JM, we have been moving efforts in many activities such as the WAO JMG Facebook, WAO TV, monthly papers summaries and Twitter Journal Club (Website: http://allergyjc.blogspot.com).

We also plan to repaginate the WAO JMG area into the WAO page.

  • WAC Korea Meeting (2015)

We had the chance of discussing suggestions of activities involving WAO JM in the next WAC to be held in Korea, 2015.

WAO Member Society Forum

The session consisted of approximately 40 people, representatives of WAO Member Societies. We had the chance to introduce the aims and skills of WAO JMG initiative in the same way of the WAO philosophy and ask for the support for JM by National Societies in all many different countries.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all who have been supporting our ideas and initiatives particularly Professors Lanny Rosenwasser, Ruby Pawankar, Mario Sanchez-Borges and Ignacio Ansotegui and the WAO Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  I also would like to show our gratitude to WAO staff, in particular Amanda Hegg.

WAO Junior Members at EAACI Congress 2014 in Denmark

I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you soon.

Let’s get ready to meet in Rio!

Luciana Kase Tanno, MD
Allergist and Clinical Immunologist
WAO Junior Members Group
Rua Prof Arthur Ramos, 183, cj 21
01454-011 São Paulo-SP Brazil