Junior Member News - August 2014

Ming Zheng, Attending physician
Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Beijing TongRen Hospital
Beijing, P.R.China

Since 1st June 2014, I have been honored to be accepted as a research fellow in Upper Airways Research Laboratory (URL), Department of Oto-rhino-laryngology, University of Ghent, Belgium and working under the direct support and supervision of Prof Claus Bachert, WAO Board Member, who is the head of the URL. As an international well-known allergist and rhinologist, Prof. Dr. Claus Bachert has ever been the president of the WAO Member Society, German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI, Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allergologie und klinische Immunologie) between 2007 and 2010 and still works as the vice-president of DGAKI at present. Therefore, I am graudually interested in the society and wish to have an opportunity to introduce DGAKI briefly.


German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI)

DGAKI is the most internationally acclaimed society of three allegic organizations in germany, which are DGAKI, AeDA (Ärzteverband Deutscher Allergologen) and GPA (Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Allergologie und Umweltmedizin). Compared with young Chinese Society of Allergy which is only 13 years, DGAKI has a so long history with more than 60 years and its first national congress was held as early as 1951, in Frankfurt. The current president of the society is Prof. Dr. Harald Renz from Marburg. ALLERGO JOURNAL has been the official publication of DGAKI and AeDA, published by Springer since 1997. There are 7 working groups and corresponding coordinators in the society, including ENT, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Immunology, Pneumology, Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Junior Members. In order to promote dedicating young scientists to research to allergy and clinical immunology, DGAKI annually sets up two awards in German Allergy Congress (Deutschen Allergiekongress), including the junior member poster award and presentation of case report award sponsored by ALK ABELLO company and young investigator award sponsored by DGAKI and Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics GmbH, respectively, in which, the former award is specific for young allergist less than 35 years old with 500 euros per winner and the latter with 5000 euros can be shared by up to three scientists less than 40 years.


Congratulation for ERS/ISIAN 2014

25th congress of the European Rhinologic Society (ERS) in conjunction with 32nd International Symposium of Infection & Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN) concluded successfully in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 26th June, 2014. 1500 participants all over the world were brought together for a frank interchange of knowledge about chronic rhinosinusitis, skull base surgery, facial plastic surgery and allergic disease in the joint meeting and 764 abstracts were submitted to the organizing committee, which addressed the exciting and rapid advances in the fields of rhinology and allergology. The meeting organizers fully demonstrated the culture and history of the Netherland by choosing the “Beurs van Berlage” building, former Amsterdam Stock Exchange, as the congress venue and the characteristic show of ancient holland knights march in welcome party. The joint meeting consisted of different sessions, including plenary, symposium, interactive round table, poster, free paper session and debate. Many international studying leaders exhibited their excellent work. For example, in the plenary on 24th June, the delegate on behalf of Prof C.A. Akdis from Switzerland and Prof P. Howarth from UK described to the audience about “Novel treatment strategies in upper and lower airway inflammation”, respectively, in which future biologics such as various monoclonal drug specific for different immunologic targets in asthma were mentioned. Prof R. Pawankar from Japan introduced the theme “Epithelial cell as immunomodulators in allergic airway disease-beyond barrier function” and Prof L. Zhang from China talked about the effect of topical drugs on airway mucociliary clearance and ciliary beat frequency in the corresponding symposiums. Moreover, young researchers who had oral presentation and posters were encouraged by travel grant of 500 euros to attend in the joint meeting and there were special junior member symposiums in the first two days of the congress. In my opinion, it is interesting and important for debate session which was arranged at the end of each day. For example, there was a heated debate on 24th June between Prof J. Gosepath and Prof C. Bachert about the clinical feasibility of aspirin desensitization, in which two famous experts showed their humorous speech and abundant knowledge. 33rd ISIAN will be held from 20th to 24th November, 2014 in Dubaiļ¼Œcombined with 15th International Rhinologic Society and 5th Pan Arab Rhinology Society. Let us look forward to it, together.