Junior Member News - June 2015

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

During the EAACI congress in Barcelona earlier this month, a meeting of the WAO Junior members steering group was held. During the meeting several important issues were discussed.

In order to increase the visibility of the group we decided to make metal pins with the WAO Junior Members logo. Every member of the group will receive a pin upon visiting the XXIV World Allergy Congress (WAC 2015), 14-17 October 2015 in Seoul, Korea. Thus, every single member will have the chance to identify themselves as a part of the group.

The practical courses held by juniors during the WISC in Brazil last year were successful and we yielded positive feedback for the courses. In the forthcoming congresses we have managed to strengthen our position and part in the scientific program by both practical courses and a WAO Junior Member Symposium. Hence, more juniors are able to attend and therefore take part in the WAO Scientific Meetings. Our next step would be to propose further JM activities such as pro/con session; JM educational session and more.  We hope that in the future years we can get even greater benefits for juniors such as serving as reviewers for the WAO Journal, reduced subscription and submission fees for scientific journals, more travel grant for congresses.

We strongly encourage WAO Junior Members to visit our Twitter account (@WAOJM) and get access to news from the groups, photos from meetings and further resources.

At the end of the year the “Skin Patch Test” project will be finalized with the publication of the result. An ongoing project is the survey on allergy education together with EAACI and AAACI and we strongly encourage junior members to complete the survey.

Finally, I would recommend all WAO juniors to interact and become actively involved in WAO JM activities. Proposals from new projects are very welcome.

WAO Junior Member promoting WAC 2015 with their “Selfie Signs”.

Razvigor Darlenski
WAO JM Steering Group