Junior Member News - August 2015

Dear Friends,

During the summer time there is an increased risk of suffering anaphylactic reactions due to diverse agents, namely unadverted ingredients in ice-creams and sweets or even after insect stings. It is important to identify the symptoms of anaphylaxis in a prompt manner to manage it properly and avoid potentially unwanted severe results. To note that anaphylaxis is underdiagnosed and a correct diagnosis is pivotal to use adrenaline as a first approach.

Food allergy causes a great impact on the quality of life of the people due to factors as incorrect or incomplete food labelling that may be counfounding and limits the dining out of the individual, friends and relatives profoundly. Moreover, if you happen to attend a patient who has suffered an anaphylactic reaction, no matter the cause, he/she should be advised to carry two adrenaline auto-injectors, as the recent reccommendations state. Teenagers shall be encouraged to carry them at all times, and written reccommendations shall be handed out to parents or tutors. This approach serves not only for safety reasons but also provides both parents and persons in charge of children, a suitable tool which shall improve the expectations of the parents in this line.

In this context there is a nice recently puslished article on anaphylactic reactions attended in the emergency department that delves into different aspects of anaphylaxis. (Alvarez-Perea et al JIACI 2015. 25(4):288-294). You can Access the article here: http://www.jiaci.org/issues/vol25issue4/7.pdf

Besides it is important to consider not only the ingredients or the culprit agent but the cofactors that shall aggravate or most importantly originate an anaphylactic episode when they happen concurrently, namely exercise, NSAIDs and or Proton-Pump Inhibitors intake and even the potential markers of anaphylaxis, besides tryptase. There is an interesting article about it, reccommended to read. (Sala-Cunill A, Cardona V. Biomarkers of anaphylaxis, beyond tryptase. Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2015;15(4):329-36)

It is true that what concerns the most to parents, friends and relatives is the unpredictability when eating in new restaurants, or at schools, therefore preparing and handing out written guidelines of the steps to treat an anaphylactic reaction is crucial so as to save a life!

I wish you a very happy and fruitful summer period!

Dario Antolin-Amerigo