Junior Member News - April 2016

Junior Members News – APRIL 2016

The AAAAI 2016 meeting: an excellent example of the Joint EAACI-AAAAI-WAO Junior Members collaboration

During the 4 intensive days of the AAAAI 2016 annual meeting, held in the glamorous Los Angeles, California, the WAO and EAACI Junior members were welcomed to be part to the many fellows-in-training activities (FIT) organized by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI). We were able to participate in the excellent FIT Symposium, the dedicated FITs reception, and the FITs business meeting. We would like to warmly thank and congratulate the FITs leadership for all the academic and business activities during 2016 AAAAI. During the meeting, the WAO Junior Members (WAO JMs) had the opportunity to update their evidence-based knowledge in the latest advances in Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and also to network and meet leaders and dear friends and colleagues from around the world face to face. Some excellent examples include the official annual AAAAI Twitter meeting (Tweetup) and the informal meeting to discuss the EAACI-AAAAI-WAO Junior Members Joint survey findings. We strongly believe that all these opportunities for involvement and collaboration between EAACI-AAAAI-WAO Junior Members are the initial steps to give a unified voice to Junior Members by constructing a platform to increase the visibility of our specialty by strengthening the quality of patient care, scientific evidence and education.

During the 2016 AAAAI conference, a business meeting of the WAO Junior members steering group was held and several important issues were discussed. We welcomed the new Chair, Razvigor Darlenski, the co-chair, Marco Caminati, and the new members. The new WAO JM bylaws were discussed with the aim of allowing the involvement of more WAO JMs from different regions of the world. In the forthcoming WAO Congress (WISC 2016), WAO JMs will be activiley involved in the scientific program with both practical courses and a WAO Junior Member Symposium. Consequently, more juniors will able to attend and take active part in the WAO Scientific Meetings.

Finally, we would like to wish all the best for the 2016-2017 WAO JM chair, co-chair and Steering Group! (members listed below)*. We are glad we can continue to work with you supporting all the iniatives to increase the WAO JM involvement and to strengthen our specialty around the world.  In addition, we would like to thank all the WAO JMs completing their term in the steering committee (members listed below)** for your amazing support, scientific acumen and passion! We hope to keep working with you all. We also would like to thank all who have been so supportive to WAO JMs all across this upward trajectory, including the amazing WAO staff and leadership!

Let’s get ready for WISC 2016!

Warmest regards,

Luciana Kase Tanno, MD PhD
WAO JM Past Chair

Ves Dimov, MD
WAO JM Past Co-Chair

* 2016-2017 WAO Junior Members Steering Group: Razvigor Darlenski, Marco Caminati, Luciana Kase Tanno, Ves Dimov, Dario Antolin-Amerigo, Juan Carlos Aldave, Mariana Couto, Pavel Kolkhir, Alexei Gonzales, Manuel Rial Prado, Yifan Meng, Duy Le Pham, Denica Zheleva
** 2014-2015 WAO Junior Members Steering Group: Luciana Kase Tanno, Ves Dimov, Silvia Sanchez-Garcia, Matteo Bonini, Dario Antolin-Amerigo, Virginia Bellido-Linares, Juan Carlos Aldave, Mariana Couto, Razvigor Darlenki, Pavel Kolkhir, Hongfei Lous, Andrea Vereda Ortiz, Leonor Villa, Marco Caminati, Yuan Zhang, Ming Zheng