Junior Member News - May 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is our honour to address you as the new chair and co-chair of the WAO Junior Member Steering Group. In the beginning of 2016 new group members, coming from all over the world, have been elected and now it is our pleasure to present them to you. In the past service period we had the strong leadership from Luciana Kase Tanno and Ves Dimov. During this time we have finalized our Patch Testing project and now a publication with the survey results is available as an open access paper at WAO Journal. An ongoing project that needs to be finalized is the EAACI/ AAAAI/ WAO Junior Members Joint Survey on Education in Allergy.

A certain priority in this service term will be the creation of bylaws for the definition and the rules for functioning of the WAO Junior Members Group. We also start a new web project, called E-Allergo, which will be presented in the forthcoming issues of News & Notes.  During the WISC 2016 we kept the tradition to have a JM Symposium at the conference as well as four (4) Practical Courses in which Juniors will be lecturing head to head with renowned Senior members of WAO.

We remain at your disposition for new ideas, projects and suggestions how to improve the communication and the group aims and activities.

Razvigor Darlenski and Marco Caminati

 WAO Junior Members Group - Steering Committee

Senior Advisors



Past Chairs

Ignacio Ansotegui, Spain
Luo Zhang, China

Razvigor Darlenski, Bulgaria

Marco Caminati, Italy

Luciana Kase Tanno, Brazil
Ves Dimov, United States

 Committee Members

Dario Antolín-Amérigo, Spain

Juan Carlos Aldave-Becerra, Peru

Mariana Couto, Portugal

Nana Fenny, United States

Alexei Gonzalez, United States

Pavel Kolkhir, Russia

Manuel Rial Prado, Spain

Jingyun Li, China

Yifan Meng, China

Duy Le Pham, Vietnam

Vered Schichter, Israel

 Denica Zheleva, Bulgaria