Junior Members News - May 2011

By Claudia I. Gallego Corella, MD

The junior allergists/immunologists of México extend a warm welcome to the XXII World Allergy Congress, in Cancún, México to junior allergists/immunologists everywhere! We expect this meeting will be an excellent platform for consolidating the WAO Junior Members Group.

The Congress will provide us with many ways to get to know each other personally and to exchange opinions about how to develop the WAO Junior Members Group. We are very interested to know your needs and concerns, and to work together to enhance the careers of junior allergists/immunologists worldwide. Juniors in our field need to “speak the same language” around the world, and we have the opportunity to do so with your valuable collaboration in Cancún.

Participation in the WAO Junior Members Group will give you opportunities to pursue a leadership role in the specialty and develop a professional worldwide network of junior allergists/immunologists. Young physicians in emerging allergy and clinical immunology societies from all of the world’s regions as a group can become a major force to help promote allergy education resources and to liaise with their national societies to optimize the benefits of membership in WAO.

During the Congress in Cancún, there will be a scientific session dedicated to the work of junior allergists/immunologists, which will be followed by a networking session in the afternoon of Tuesday, 6 December. Junior allergists/immunologists will discuss their posters with the Congress faculty of international experts, and a Juniors Committee will choose the best work exhibited.

Don’t forget that Fellows-in-Training can benefit from a $310 registration fee before 30 June! Also, Juniors who are presenting abstracts can apply for travel grants toward the cost of registration and accommodation as well as a waived registration fee! Details are on the WAO website at: http://www.worldallergy.org/wac2011/program/travel_grants.php.

The opportunity for social interaction is important, too! WAO will set up a networking lounge, and WAO Junior Members will have ribbons provided for their name badges to identify members of the group. WAO is also recommending three hotels for junior member and travel grant awardees: Cancún Clipper, Hyatt Regency, and Krystal Hotel.

The nights at the beach in Cancún are the most vibrant, lively and intense in the Riviera Maya, combining the temperament and energy of people from around the world and creating a unique multi-ethnic environment. We look forward to meeting you in Cancún!

As a WAO Junior Member, YOU can make a difference!

For those with some time before or after the Congress ….

Cancún - The name comes from the Mayan language. “Kaan kun” means "nest of snakes." Graced by the Mexican Caribbean, Cancún is located on the northeast coast of Quintana Roo in the south of the Mexican Republic. The climate is influenced by warm ocean currents, notably México's Gulf Stream, which promotes a warm and rainy climate with an average temperature of 78°F that can reach 95°F in summer. Visitors can enjoy the warm white powdery sand beaches and turquoise crystal clear waters for which this area is known.

If you are staying on to enjoy the area, Cancún’s Mayan Culture is its crowning glory. The aura of mystery and majesty still lingers around the Mayan ruins and archaeological sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba to mention a few. These are all within easy reach of the city. Today, Cancún is, along with Acapulco, the most important tourist destination in Mexico and one of the most popular internationally. There are a wide range of activities including watersports such as water-skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, white-water rafting, and jet skiing as well as recreation on the land such as golf, tennis horseback riding, hiking through the jungle, deep-sea fishing or swimming with the dolphins. Other attractions include night clubs, museum, galleries and cultural events with traditional costumes and dances. Be sure to try some of our delicious local and traditional dishes or buy handmade souvenirs found while walking along narrow cobbled streets in the city.

Claudia Gallego, MD, is a pediatrician and current Head of Fellow-in-Training in the specialty of allergy and clinical immunology at the Center for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Hospital Universitario in Monterrey, NL. Mexico. She is an active member of the WAO Junior Members Group.