Junior Members News - July 2011


By Virginia Bellido-Linares, MD



Dear Colleagues,

Now that a WAO Junior Members Group has been created, we have our own presence within this organization, so we must take advantage of this opportunity! The first step is to become a member by signing up on the website (www.worldallergy.org/juniormembers), and then taking part in the group!

It is very important for WAO Junior Members to promote and contribute to the scientific content of all scientific meetings, and we will have our first opportunity during the upcoming World Allergy Congress (WAC 2011) 4-8 December 2011 in Cancún. We are looking for young clinicians and scientists who are involved in interesting lines of research, and the next Congress provides junior clinicians and researchers with a place to disseminate their knowledge. Sometimes it is difficult for junior physicians and scientists to get to a place as a speaker. We are in the beginning of our research careers, and many senior professionals in our field have very interesting and important things to present after years of study; for this reason, it can be difficult for us to compete for a place in the program. But finally, the WAC 2011 Scientific Program will have a place for us! The planned forums will be a perfect time to share not only scientific knowledge with our peers, but to get the attention of an international audience at all phases in their professions, because we will invite all those interested in the topics of our program.

We should take full advantage of all the WAO resources available to the WAO Junior Member Group, such as research fellowships when these are offered, and updates on allergy training resources that you can easily access on the WAO website, as well as the opportunity to publish citable works such as the educational synopses in the WAO Allergic Disease Resource Center (www.worldallergy.org/adrc ) or WAO Interactive Case Reports (http://www.worldallergy.org/interactive_case_reviews/). Those are only a few examples of the wide range of possibilities that WAO has ready for all of us.

So I encourage you to join the WAO Junior Member Group and take advantage of the chance to interact with other juniors interested in same field and with world allergy experts, as well as to participate in this year’s Congress and future WAO conferences.

Your participation is essential in helping the new WAO Junior Member Group to grow as an outstanding scientific group!

We are 70 members and growing! Visit our website today at http://www.worldallergy.org/juniormembers/.

See you in Cancún!

Virginia Bellido-Linares, MD, is an allergist in the Allergy Unit of Virgen Macarena University Hospital of Seville, Spain. She is the Coordinator of the Junior Members Group of the Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and is a member of the WAO Junior Members Group.