Junior Members News - October

By Sylvia Sánchez-García, MD


During the last few months since the launch of the WAO Junior Members Group, young allergists from around the world have become involved in organizing the group. It is really satisfying to see how the Junior Members Group is growing every day, step by step, and all the enthusiasm from my colleagues! Their commitment, patience, and dedication are the mainstay of the success of the group.

To date, we are working hard to plan a WAO Junior Members Group Executive Board accommodating the key subject areas and geographical regions defined by WAO, in order for WAO Junior Members to have an individual representative from their countries and their field to consider as a resource. The “Call for Candidates” will be announced soon, so please watch our website (www.worldallergy.org/juniormembers) for details. If you are interested, please send your candidate application when elections are announced!

WAO Junior Members Group Meeting at WAC 2011 in Cancún
The next World Allergy Congress in Cancún will be an outstanding event for our group, as this will be the meeting in which the WAO Junior Members Group will be officially launched. We are preparing social activities specific for young attendees, such as a welcome party and other events that will be announced soon. Claudia Gallego, MD, is leading the initiative! We would like also to take advantage of this chance to get more young allergists involved into the group.

As we have already pointed out in earlier news articles (which you can read in our archived news on the website), our aim is also to contribute to the scientific content of the sessions at the Congress. In that sense, we have programmed a WAO Junior Members Group Symposium that will be a special session managed and led by members of our group, where junior physicians will make presentations in a program aimed at any allergist or immunologist. This will be our chance to have a special forum to share experiences, ideas and projects among young specialists. The symposium will be dynamic, with sessions that will last 15 minutes. So, I am glad to announce the Allergy Uncensored: the WAO Junior Members Group Symposium will be held in an informal atmosphere on Tuesday 6 December at 15.00 hours, with excellent young speakers from all over the world. Click here for an overview of the symposium.

You can find more information online in the WAC 2011 scientific program at http://wao.confex.com/wao/2011wac/webprogram/Session1495.html. We hope to see you there for what promises to be a very enjoyable meeting!

And remember: Watch for more news in the WAO News and Notes and on the WAO Junior Members Group website. More activities are coming soon!

Not yet a member? Sign up to be part of the WAO Junior Members at www.worldallergy.org/juniormembers.

Looking forward to seeing you in Cancun!