Junior Members News - April 2012

What’s Next? Challenges and Perspectives

Razvigor Darlenski, MD, PhD

Tokuda Hospital
Dept of Dermatology and Venereology
Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Colleagues,

I take the opportunity to address you at the dawn of World Allergy Week 2012 (16-22 April). The major goal of this activity is to attract attention to the rising global burden of asthma and allergic diseases. Details regarding this initiative hosted by the World Allergy Organization can be found at http://www.worldallergy.org/worldallergyweek/. I encourage all junior members to actively participate in this campaign because only if we act together can we be stronger and our united voice can be heard.

Our WAO Junior Members Group has now been active for a year! We are beginning our “toddler” age, but as we all know the first steps of infants are the most inspiring – also the most difficult. This past year – It can seem at the same time as both a short and long period. Let’s review where are we stand:

We established our presence and showed that we want to be a part of WAO activities and initiatives. We went even further – developing goals which showed our potential to: (1) create an international network, (2) manage a successful Junior Member Group session at the XXII World Allergy Congress, and (3) become integrated and involved in WAO efforts. I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal gratitude to all WAO officials that believed in us and actively supported and guided our activities.

Now in our second year, let’s reach beyond the goal of participating in Congresses and add to those activities. As a group we now have several immediate opportunities:

  • Our participation in WAO should be continuous, and to embrace this opportunity we can engage in projects. In this sense, the opportunity to write in the WAO newsletter is a good method to draw our members’ attention to the options available. Please continue to read the newsletter and let us know when you see an opportunity you would like to explore. Contributing to the various features of the WAO website is a very good way, for example, writing an Interactive Case Report (www.worldallergy.org/interactive_case_reviews) or a Book Review (http://www.worldallergy.org/book_reviews/). Ask the WAO staff for more information. (info@worldallergy.org).
  • The creativity of individual members of the group is highly appreciated, but we encourage you to make it an active not passive membership. This group is for you, and generation of ideas will guarantee its future development, which will translate into more opportunities for junior members worldwide. Let us and our advisors know you are ready to get actively involved (send an email to info@worldallergy.org).
  • Communication is the answer even when the question is not fully clear. While our future vision is always being shaped, maintaining strong relationships with each other and as a group is crucial for shaping the future together. To start, WAO Junior Members can interact with each other through the registry and through our Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/worldallergy) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/worldallergyorg) accounts.

In the past year we set the foundation for our group, in collaboration with our senior advisors from the WAO Board of Directors and the Specialty & Training Council. Strong fundamental goals and plans are the most important elements in building the rest of our “house. Our firm foundation gives me the hope that we have a bright future in front of us. In my personal vision the greatest challenge for us is to get our abundant ideas structured and to start implementing them – in practice, not just the enjoyable discussion. We have our plans; let’s “just do it!”