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Allergy Matters at WISC 2016

11 August 2016

Allergy Matters at WISC 2016

Compelling scientific keynote addresses will highlight topics of emerging importance in allergy/clinical immunology.

To learn more about the keynote speakers, click here.

Plenary sessions will provide new insights for clinical practice that are globally relevant. 

Hot Topics. Over 140 global experts will present on a wide variety of hot topics including: Advances in allergen-specific immunotherapy, Impact of climate change on allergic diseases and the practice of allergology, Alternative routes of immunotherapy for food allergy, Targeted therapies for severe asthma, Drug allergy and desensitization, and Eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases.

Click here, to view the WISC 2016 Scientific Program.

Allergy Matters at WISC 2016!


New Approach to Risk Assessment in Food-induced Anaphylaxis - Speaker Highlights

Prof. Dr. med. Margitta Worm, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany

What do you like about attending WAO's congresses and conferences?
I enjoy the international spirit with the opportunity to meet colleagues working in allergy throughout the world. I'm looking forward to gaining insight on state of art allergology from different international perspectives.

What new findings or insights can attendees look forward to in your session?
Food-induced anaphylaxis has increased in the recent decades and the knowledge on risk factors is crucial to better identify those patients with high risk. Data from the European anaphylaxis registry including an assessment of risk factors will be presented. Most relevant risk factors for food induced anaphylaxis are: age, mastocytosis and the concomitant intake of certain cardiovascular drugs among others. A novel approach to create a relative risk assessment of these factors will be presented and should help clinicians in clinical practice to better classify patients at risk.

Attend the Symposium Session of Prof. Worm
Wednesday, 7 December 2016 13:30 - 15:00
Symposium: What Really Happens during Food Triggered Anaphylaxis
Session: "Who is at Risk of Food-Triggered Anaphylaxis?"
Recent Publication: Anaphylaxis in children and adolescents: The European Anaphylaxis Registry.

Did you know...

WAO has held a global scientific meeting previously in Israel. The Tenth International Congress of Allergology took place in Jerusalem at the Hilton Hotel from 4 to 11 November, 1979. The congress was attended by about 1700 delegates from 35 countries.

The congress was considered very successful. Dr. Israel Glazer recalled in his article for the WAO History Project, "Prof. Enrique Mathov remarked that the congress in Jerusalem was one of the best attended in the history of the association. As a matter of fact, it was the largest medical congress ever held in Israel by that time." ("History of the World Allergy Organization: X International Allergy and Clinical Immunology Congress -- Jerusalem" World Allergy Organization Journal 2016: 5:36.)

The head table at the opening ceremony (left to right): Prof. Alain deWeck; unidentified; Dr Ram Ishay; Prof. Enrique Mathov; Mr Yitzhak Navon; Dr Israel Glazer; Prof. Carl Arbesman; Prof. Baruch Modan; Mr Yitzhak Unna; and Prof. Edgar Pick.

*Prof. Enrique Mathov was President of the International Allergy Association (IAA) from 1976 to 1979. IAA later became the World Allergy Organization. Dr. Israel Glazer is a Past President of the Israel Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.