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Hear Great Talks in a Great Location

30 August 2016

Hear Great Talks in a Great Location
Catch Up with Great Colleagues

Interactive Sessions. WISC 2016 offers workshop sessions that are smaller, didactic and also designed for participation. Smaller theme-based sessions provide the opportunity to interact with key opinion leaders on allergy and asthma topics that matter to you and your patients.

Compelling Topics. There are 47 symposia that provide the opportunity for in-depth exploration. Hot topics this year will include:

  • The Microbiome and Airway Diseases with Peter Howarth (United Kingdom), Claus Bachert (Belgium), and James Gern (United States).
  • Specific Immunotherapy: Bench to Bedside with Bülent Sekerel (Turkey), Dil┼čad Mungan (Turkey), and Mübeccel Akdis (Switzerland).
  • Food Allergy with Gideon Lack (United Kingdom), Motohiro Ebisawa (Japan), and David Fleischer (United States).
  • Severe Asthma with Paul Greenberger (United States), Shmuel Kivity (Israel), and Elliot Israel (United States).
  • Aerobiology and Climate Change with Menachem Rottem (Israel), Gennaro D'Amato (Italy), and Jay Portnoy (United States).

Symposia sessions will discuss the most current concerns in allergy/clinical immunology.

To find out more about these sessions and other gems in the WISC 2016 scientific program, Click here.

Allergy Matters at WISC 2016!


Late-Breaking Abstract Submission Opens 5 September

Don't miss this opportunity for a chance to share your research with the field’s leading experts in allergy and immunology.

For complete submission guidelines, click here.

Off-label Indications of New Therapeutic Agents for Asthma - Speaker Highlights

Peter Le Souef, MD, MRCP, FRACP, Head of School/Professor (Asthma Genetics Research),
School of Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Why do you like attending WAO conferences?
Excellent combination of great talks, great locations and catching up with great colleagues. I'm looking forward to presenting our new findings, hearing the latest research, and seeing old friends in a wonderful city.

What’s hot about the topic you are speaking on?
New therapeutic agents discovered by exploiting detailed knowledge of the immune system are being introduced onto the market and these often have indications that restrict administration to patients in the most common demographic. A strong understanding of the mechanisms by which these agents work will allow clinicians to make effective decisions about who outside these indications will benefit from the new agents.

What new findings or insights can attendees look forward to in your session?
Data on which new “designer” drugs are in development or recently on the market and the indications for their off-label use will be presented.

Attend the Symposium Session of Prof. Le Souef:
Friday, 9 December 2016 11:00 - 12:30
Symposium: Severe Asthma in Children
Session: "When Off-Label Medications could be Prescribed"
Introduction to this Topic: Personalized medicine for bronchial asthma and allergy

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