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Evidence-based Allergy

Literature Searches in EndNote format for all major allergy/immunology topics was the WAO Website Editorial Board Dream:


In 2013, the WAO Website Editorial Board became aware of the fact that many individuals, medical and research groups do not have the resources to obtain professional medical literature searches which are required as the basic starting point in order to develop clinical guidelines and review papers on a specific allergy/immunology topic. Being able to easily review a recent literature search that provides information on existing guidelines, helps the medical professional to assess what is available, prevent duplication of what has already been recently published, and to harmonize with existing worldwide guidelines. The Website Editorial Board wanted to offer general predefined and complete literature searches in EndNote format to our entire membership. EndNote is a broadly used bibliography program that allows the end user to attach full-text articles and to automatically insert the reference and format the bibliography when writing a document using Microsoft Word and other word processing programs. All of the EndNote libraries are "open access" which allows anyone worldwide to have access to this information to download to their own computer. For copyright reasons, we are not be able to attach non-open access articles to these libraries. The end user can attach their own PDF articles once they have downloaded the library file. There are three EndNote libraries for each topic area that encompass:

1) Guidelines on the topic
2) Meta-analysis and systematic reviews, and
3) Randomized Controlled Trials.

TEVA Unrestricted Grant made this dream a reality:

In 2014, we submitted and were provided with an unrestricted medical grant from TEVA Pharmaceuticals to develop the Research EndNote libraries that we defined. Working with a medical librarian, the committee was able to refine the literature searches and the libraries are now available for use by anyone who would like to develop a research paper. Each literature search covers the relevant articles from the major searchable databases for the previous 10 years. We have also provided you with a "summary of search results" document which includes search terms, number of articles found, etc. which will be needed for most papers submitted for publication. We hope that you find these research libraries useful and would ask that you provide feedback on how you have been able to utilize them. Please direct any inquiries or comments to the WAO Secretariat at

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