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For WAO Member Societies

Join Us! Professor Mario Sánchez-Borges, President of the World Allergy Organization (WAO), and Professor Paul Greenberger, Chair of the WAO Communications Committee, warmly welcome WAO Member Societies to World Allergy Week 2017 (2-8 April).

This year’s theme is The Agony of Hives - What to do when welts and swelling do not go away. There are many ways Member Societies can participate to help highlight urticaria and hives, provide information and explain the role of the allergist in diagnosing and treating urticaria for improved quality of life.

World Allergy Week 2017 Resources for Members and Member Society Organizations

Announcement of 2 April 2017 Opening World Allergy Week

Announcement of 28 March 2017 Regarding Live Webinar

Announcement of 10 March 2017

WAO Chronic Urticaria Infographic

Slide Set for Presentations

WAO and Member Society Urticaria Online Resources

What's Happening for World Allergy Week 2017?

Share with WAO your plans for World Allergy Week at


Many Ways to Participate!

WAO welcomes your participation in any of the following recommended World Allergy Week activities on a national level:

  • Link the logo from your society’s homepage and highlight the available resources. (Download by clicking here and saving the image file.)
  • Translate news releases and disseminate them nationally and include contact information for one or two society representatives to speak about World Allergy Week.
  • Attend the webinar on Tuesday, 4 April 2017.
  • Conduct media events in your area such as a news conference or educational events. Contact television and radio stations and ask them to host World Allergy Week 2017 interviews with local allergy specialists. (For ideas, see examples of media coverage from World Allergy Week 2016.)
  • Use the WAO White Book on Allergy Update 2013 as a resource. If your society submitted an individual report, you may wish to use this to highlight the need for local allergy patient services and to take the opportunity to reference the full publication to your members, the public, health planners, politicians, universities, private health funders and your national Department of Health – with your society’s endorsement.
  • Please send us your ideas for promotions or activities that have been successful for your society for us to share with your fellow WAO Member Societies!

The WAO Board of Directors and the WAO Communications Committee sincerely thank you for your valuable participation in this initiative!

For more information or questions about World Allergy Week, contact the WAO Secretariat at:


For distribution support through an unrestricted education grant, WAO thanks

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