Abstract Awards

WAC 2015 is pleased to announce the recipients of the Outstanding Abstract Awards, presented on Saturday, 17 October 2015 at 13:30 in the Coex International Convention Center, Hall D2 Foyer.

Oral Abstract Awards:


  • 1-3OAS Genetic association and eQTL analyses of genes associated with allergy in atopic/non-atopic asthma I Xingnan Li

Skin Allergy

  • 2-2OAS M2 Monocyte/Macrophage-Derived MMP12 Plays a Pivotal Role in Contact Hypersensitivity | Daiki Nadagomi
  • 2-3OAS Activation of Endothelial Cells to Release Hsp90, an Activator of the Prekallikrein-High Molecular Weight Kininogen (HK) Complex | Allen Kaplan

Food Allergy

  • 2-50AS Assessment of Allergenicity of Novel Proteins (CSR1-2, DMO) in Herbicide-Tolerant Genetically Modified Soybean | Jeongok Lee

Drug Allergy

  • 4-10AS Cutaneous Drug Hypersensitivity Reaction in Korean Children: An Analysis of KAERS Database on 2012-2013 | Eui Jun Lee
  • Rhinitis
  • 5-20AS Comparison of different medical treatment options for crswnp: Doxycycline, methylprednisolone, mepolizumab, omalizumab | Els Marleen Godelieve Simonne De Schryver
  • 5-10AS Ambient desert dust and allergic symptoms: A time series analysis from a national birth cohort (JECS) | Kumiko Tsuji Kanatani
  • 5-50AS Immunomodulatory Effect of Tonsil Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a Mouse Model of Allergic Rhinitis | Ji-Hye Kim


  • 6-40AS Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase Delta Isoform Can Activate NLRP3 Inflammasome through Mros Generation in Fungus-Induced Severe Eosinophlic Asthma | Yong Chul Lee


  • 7-30AS Atopic dermatitis and sleep disorders in Latin American children | Marilyn Urrutia Pereia
  • 7-50AS Effect of Prenatal Maternal Distress and Gsdmb Polymorphism on the Development of Recurrent Wheezing in Early Childhood: Cocoa Study | Yean Jung Choi


  • 8-40AS Novel Anti-IL-4Ra Nanocarrier Approach for the Efficient Control of Lung Tissue Inflammation during Asthma | Rabih Halwani
  • 8-10AS Hypoallergen-Encoding DNA Plasmids As Immunoprophylactic Vaccines of Shrimp Tropomyosin Hypersensitivity | Christine Yee Yan Wai
  • 8-60AS Immunomodulatory Effects of Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Secretome in a Mouse Model of Asthma | Kyu-Sup Cho

Allergy Prevention

  • 9-60AS Fructooligosaccharides Intake during Pregnancy and Lactation Increases Gut Bifidobacterium and IL-27 in Breast Milk | Yuji Fujita

Poster Session Awards:


  • 1045 Staphylococcal Enterotoxin IgE Sensitization: A Risk Factor for COPD Overlap in the Elderly Asthma? | Sung Do Moon

Infection and Allergy

  • 1140 Feeding Shapes the Colonization of Gut Microbiota and Associated with Total IgE in Infant | Mi-Jin Kang

Allergy Diagnosis

  • 1163 Production and Characterization of Recombinant Periplaneta americana Allergens for Component Resolved Diagnosis | Stephanie Eichhorn
  • 1184 Collection of Nasal Secretions for Measurement of Local IgE: A Quest for the Best Method | Margot Berings


  • 2049 Anti-Allergic Effect of Intralymphatic Injection of OVA-Flagelin Mixture in Mouse Model of Allergic Rhinitis | Eun-Hee Kim

Food Allergy

  • 2082 Food Allergy with Eczema Is Associated with Reduced Growth in the First Four Years of Life | Cara Beck

Sports in Allergy and Asthma

  • 2154 Periostin Levels in Exhaled Breath Condensate of Competitive Athletes, Asthmatics and Healthy Subjects - Associations with Outdoor Ambient Conditions | Marcin Kurowski

Air Pollution and Environmental Allergies

  • 2159 Geographic Variations in the Patterns of Sensitization to Aeroallergens in Korean Adults: A Multi-Center Study | Mingyu Kang

Skin Allergy

  • 3100 Omalizumab improved symptoms in all three phase III trials conducted in patients with inadequately controlled chronic spontaneous/idiopathic urticaria (CSU/CIU): A post-hoc analysis of percent change from baseline | Marcus Maurer


  • 3116 Liposomal encapsulation of house dust mite allergens and dexamethasone modulates allergic response in a murine model of asthma | Yordanis Perez-Llano


  • 3175 Association of Recurrent Wheeze with Lung Function and Airway Inflammation in Preschool Children | Ji-Eun Soh

Drug Allergy

  • 4013 Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) May Identify Common Genetic Variations Both in Immediate and Delayed Drug Hypersensitivity | So-Young Park
  • 4147 A Genome-Wide Association Study of Antituberculosis Drugs-Induced Hepatitis | Sang-Heon Kim


  • 4066 PI3K-Delta Isoform Aggravates Fungus-Induced Eosinophilic Allergic Airway Inflammation through the Induction of ER Stress | Yong Chul Lee

Allergy Prevention and Risk Factors

  • 4097 Temperature, Humidity, and Air Pollution Affect Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms in Infants and Young Children | Young-Min Kim

Primary Care

  • 4133 Clinical, Physiological, and Radiological Features of Asthma-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Overlap Syndrome | Toshio Suzuki