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Allergy Center Hessen (Marburg, Germany)

Allergy Center Hessen (Marburg Germany)

Structure and areas of responsibility

1) Clinical Allergology / Patient Care

  1. Implementation of interdisciplinary guidelines for the diagnosis and therapy of allergic diseases. Standard operating procedures (SOP) based on the guidelines of the allergological societies have been established and are documented in an electronic manual accessible for all members. These SOP are the basis of an interdisciplinary curriculum, which has to be followed by residents receiving their training in the field of "allergology". Physicians will have the opportunity to acquire the allergology training in the participating clinics and institutes within the framework of a rotation plan.
  2. Interdisciplinary networking of all members both at the University Clinic and in private practice within the framework of the AZH; this will foster cooperative measurements for optimal medical care for patients with allergic diseases, involving regular case discussions.
  3. Integrated care of allergic diseases in the outpatient, inpatient and day-care sector while maintaining the specialist infrastructure; if necessary, this should be carried out together with allergists in private practice.
  4. Within the framework of integrated care, primary, secondary and tertiary preventive measures are to be initiated and supplemented by informative lectures for patients and their relatives as well as training programs with the aim of optimal management of allergic diseases. Here, the AZH participates in nationwide standardized training courses for patients with atopic eczema (AGNES e.V.) and bronchial asthma.

2) Teaching/continuing education

A clinical-allergological focused, interdisciplinary curriculum has been established through the AZH and has been placed as an elective subject in the clinical study section.

The aim of this curriculum is a practical transfer of essential contents of pathogenesis, diagnostics and therapy of allergological diseases. Thus, lectures cover all aspects of allergology both in theory and practice.

As part of quality assurance, the AZH also offers continuing education courses for medical staff on various allergological focal points and topics, including regular training courses on the management of anaphylactic reactions.

3) Research

The individual clinics and institutes have broad-based, intensive research activities, which include individual projects as well as joint research projects and the supervision of interdisciplinary doctoral theses. Scientific training includes an interdisciplinary Immunological Seminar with systematic lecture series by renowned national and international speakers, as well as significant participation in the organization of an annual allergology PhD workshop to promote young scientists.

Allergy Center Hessen on the Internet

The AZH has its own webpage (, where general information on allergic diseases and diagnostic procedures, the AZH's range of treatments, pollen counts measured by the AZH, current studies, events and teaching offers can be accessed.

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