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CK-CARE: Alpine Allergy Campus (Davos, Switzerland)

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Christine Kühne – Center for Allergy Research and Education (CK-CARE)

In 2009, the Kühne Foundation launched the Christine Kühne – Center for Allergy Research and Education (CK-CARE) with locations in Davos, Munich and Zurich. The goal was to build a highly qualified and well-connected research network to advance the understanding and drive new treatments of allergies. CK-CARE is now one of the largest private initiatives in Europe in the field of allergology. In 2014, after a successful external evaluation, CK-CARE was expanded with new locations in Bonn, Augsburg and St. Gallen.

With the formation of a unique alliance of international experts based in key research centers, CK-CARE aims to address deficits in the areas of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people with allergic disorders through research and education, making an important contribution to patients’ long-term well-being.


At present, CK-CARE’s main research focus is on treatment of atopic dermatitis, which is recognized as a global healthcare burden. In Switzerland, 5–8% of adults and 15–20% of babies and children are affected, making it the most common chronic inflammatory skin disease, especially among children. Similarly, high numbers are also found in other countries in Europe and in the United States of America. In Asia, the number of people affected is even higher. As recently determined by the WHO, in sub-Saharan Africa, atopic dermatitis is the most chronic, non-infectious inflammatory skin disease.

The science suggests, atopic dermatitis is the underlying disease or precursor for the development of additional allergies. For example, with atopic dermatitis, the skin barrier is damaged, paving the way for increased sensitivity and ultimately allergies caused by environmental factors such as pollen, moulds, food, or dust mites. CK-CARE’s research aims to better understand atopic dermatitis in order to develop new therapies and, particularly, preventive measures to thereby mitigate the growing incidence of allergies.

Since mid-2017, CK-CARE research has been developing one of the largest international atopic dermatitis and allergy registers (database and biobank). In the coming years, the focus will be on detailed analysis of bio-samples and data points. These bio-samples are analyzed using the latest biomedical methods and the results are linked to the extensive collection of patient data, which includes information of their environments. This is only possible with the help of bioinformatics and biostatistical methods. Network analyses will then work out new target structures for therapy and prevention. This will allow for the development of sustainable changes to the lives of children and adults with atopic dermatitis and allergies.


"Mastering Allergies – Improving Patients' Lives"
Education is CK-CARE’s second pillar that complements our research. Our goal is to translate the latest allergy research findings and deliver knowledge updates to physicians of different specialties as well as other relevant health care providers, who treat or have an interest in patients suffering from allergic diseases.

Despite great efforts of universities, scientific societies, and specialty associations, there exists a tremendous need to make new information simple and accessible to care givers treating allergy patients.

Our educational programs enable the participants to fully utilize their acquired knowledge and skills in their daily practice. This will lead to improved patient care, patient education, and disease prevention. CK-CARE is a platform for networking, knowledge transfer and exchange of experience.

Allergy Campus Davos
Herman-Burchard-Strasse 1
7265 Davos Wolfgang
Tel. +41 81 410 13 00

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