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Clínica Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona, Spain)

Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Department of Allergy
(Pamplona, Spain)

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra with over 3400 professionals working in two locations, Pamplona and Madrid, is a leading academic and research hospital in personalized Medicine. It covers all specialties, runs the Navarra State transplant program and an Advance Therapies Centre that receives national and international patients. It belongs to the Medical School of the University of Navarra. It combines a top quality assistance with research, innovation and generation of new scientific knowledge. It presently runs 425 Clinical Trials.

Accredited by the Joint Commission International since 2004, the Clínica Universidad de Navarra has been ranked #1 private Hospital for the sixth time in a row. It topped all Spanish private hospitals in terms of medical care reputation, according to the Health Reputation Monitor’s ranking.

The Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra is one of the first established departments of Allergy in the country and it has been ranked #1 in Spain for three consecutive years (Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria). It combines best clinical care with the state of the art technology and translational research from the Allergy Laboratory.

It takes care of adults and paediatric patients. Managing all allergic conditions: respiratory allergy with full equipped respiratory laboratory; food and drug allergy with a food and drug challenge test facilities; skin allergy with a special focus on chronic urticaria and angioedema; atopic and contact dermatitis. We run a Drug and Biologicals Desensitization Program with a special focus on chemotherapy desensitization. We perform all allergy procedures as challenge test, all validated inducible urticaria challenge tests, a immunotherapy unit as well as a patient education program run by specialized Allergy nurses.

The laboratory has developed several diagnostic techniques, being the basophil activation test the most representative. The laboratory has standardized and validated the microarray technique in several platforms.

The Department has received and presently run numerous competitive research grants. The main areas of research are chronic urticaria mechanisms with special focus on the role of basophils, transcriptomic and proteomic signaling in histaminergic angioedema; development of a nanoparticle-based oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy; standardization and validation of component diagnosis for food allergy and mast cell receptor markers in drug allergy.

The Department is also involved in innovation. It has recently developed a device for the standardization and reading automatization for skin test, and a software for monitoring oral induced immunotherapy.

The Department has a graduate program in Allergy and Immunology and a Residence and Postgraduate program with a PhD program.

Currently, the department consists of the following allergy specialists and researchers:

  • Dr. Marta Ferrer, MD, PhD
  • Dr. Gabriel Gastaminza, MD, PhD
  • Dr. M.J. Goikoetxea, MD, PhD
  • Dr. Carmen M. D’Amelio, MD, PhD
  • Teresa Toscano, MD
  • Laura Argiz, MD
  • Jimena Crespo, MD
  • Marina Sabaté, PhD
  • Maite Lacunza, BSC

And the following residents:

  • Dr. Álvaro Carvallo, MD
  • Dr. María de la Paz Morales, MD
  • Dr. Sergio Sánchez, MD
  • Dr. Lucía Parrado, MD

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