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Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University (VGMU) (Vitebsk, Belarus)

Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University (VGMU)  

Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University (VGMU) was founded in 1934. VGMU is the largest and most prestigious medical educational institution in the Republic of Belarus. Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology was opened in 1986. The Belarus Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (BAACI) is a society of specialists who are working professionally in the area of allergology and immunology. The main goal of BAACI is integration of scientific and practical potential of its members for effective developing of allergology and immunology. BAACI was established on the base VGMU in 1998.

Description of the Center infrastructure and facilities.  The center includes:

The team consists of 6 consultants. The attending consultants are:

Professor  Aksana Ishchanka, MD, PhD, specialist in Allergology and Immunology ,exclusive director WAO excellent center, general secretary BAACI.

Professor Pavel Novikau, MD, PhD, specialist in Allergology and Immunology, Pediatric Allergy, Scientific Research Laboratory of VSMU with Immunological and Microbiological Research Group

Dr.Uladzimir Yanchanka, MD, PhD, specialist in Allergology and Immunology, Immunology Research Laboratory and clinical research

Dr.Iryna Shchurok, MD, PhD, specialist in Allergology and Immunology, Networking, Advocacy, education Group, scientific research

Dr.Iryna Siamionava, MD, PhD, specialist in Allergology and Immunology Allergology,  Department of Vitebsk Regional Clinical Hospital

Dr.Natalia Aliakhnovich, MD, PhD, specialist in Allergology and Immunology, Consultative professor-teaching center of VSMU Сlinic

Vitebsk State Medical University is an organization, which combines allergologists and immunologists, scientists, biologists, pharmaceutics, research workers and those who are involved in pedagogical and practical activities in the field of allergology and immunology, as well as specialists working out new medical equipment and medicine.

The Centers members work in the following areas:

1. Basic and clinical research in the fields of:

  • low dose oral allergy vaccination;
  • semi-specific immunotherapy of allergic diseases – autoserumhistaminotherapy;
  • immunopathology and immunotherapy of COPD and asthma;
  • development and validation of challenge tests for the rhinitis diagnosis;
  • phenotypes of allergic rhinitis;
  • challenge tests for food allergy diagnosis;
  • immunotropic effect of food additives (titanium dioxide and others);
  • allergy to dental materials.

2. Clinical Aspects. BAACI clinical base is the allergology department of Vitebsk Regional Clinical Hospital and University Clinic.

  • Diagnosis, treatment, consultation of the patients with allegro- and immunopathology daily, conducting allergen specific immunotherapy, carrying out acute allergopathology patients.
  • Working with practical doctors in order to deliver research and clinical projects outcome.
  • Consulting patients in the university clinic.
  • Proposing diagnostic and treatment innovation to clinical practice.

3. Education and Training.

BAACI members ‘duties:

  • Supervising medical students; organizing allergy seminars for the medical senior students.
  • Supervising of Master degree, PhD and post-doc medical researches.
  • Further training for doctors of different specialties: allergologists, immunologists, general practitioners, ENT specialists, oculists, surgeons, rheumatologists, pulmonologists, pediatricians, dentists, laboratory assistants, and pharmacists.
  • Conducting research and clinical projects goals. Identifying suitable techniques for the collection and analysis of data; coding, classification, analyzing and validating data obtained.
  • Participating in the international conferences, scientific gatherings; presenting findings at academic meetings and conferences.

4. Networking/ Advocacy.

  • BAACI provides education of the patients with allegro- and immunopathology during daily consultations of associate professors and professors.
  • One form of the work is “Asthma School” - teaching the patients with bronchial asthma how to live comfortable with this disease.
  • BAACI members participate in creating patients’ national register of immunodeficiency

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