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Immunology, Allergy and HIV Service, Clinical Hospital University of Chile (Santiago, Chile)

Clinical Hospital University of Chile

We are honored to be recognized as a WAO Center of Excellence, which represents a strong support to our academic careers and to our Fellowship Training Program in Clinical Immunology. This nomination recognizes the excellence of the activities performed by our team, including:

1. A state-of-the-art clinical care for both inpatients and outpatients
2. Graduate and postgraduate courses, and a Fellowship Training Program in Clinical Immunology (one of a kind in Chile) with 72 graduates
3. Cutting-edge research in the field, which includes the publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals, and specialized book chapters, and also the edition of specialized books
4. Continuous and systematic work with the community and with patient associations
5. Active involvement in the development of public policies on immunological and allergic diseases in our country
6. Participation in scientific and clinical international associations and committees, such as the World Allergy Organization

Our service was the first of its kind in Chile, and was founded by Professor Cecilia Sepúlveda MD in 1984. Later, Professor Maria Antonieta Guzman MD, current Head of the Service, founded in 2002 the Allergy Center with different levels of complexity, and then, in 2007, Professor Alejandro Afani MD, founded the HIV Center. All this work is solidly supported by two Laboratories in the Service: Immunology and Molecular Medicine.

This Division of Immunology, Allergy and HIV is part of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, the main training center for specialists in the country. Our professional team includes ten MD specialists in Clinical Immunology, two Biochemists (one of them with a PhD degree), eleven medical technologists and one psychologist with a PhD degree. This staff is strongly supported by three secretaries, twelve paramedical technicians and two cleaning assistants.

Maria Antonieta Guzman Melendez MD
Head Immunology, Allergy and HIV Service, Clinical Hospital University of Chile
Director Fellowship Training Program in Clinical Immunology
Faculty of Medicine University of Chile

Alejandro Afani, MD (left); Maria Antonieta Guzman, MD (center); & Cecilia Sepúlveda, MD (right)

Immunology, Allergy and HIV Service Team

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