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Centro Regional de Alergía Inmunología (Monterrey, México)


Facultad de Medicina y Hospital Universitario “Dr. José Eleuterio González”, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Léon

Our mission is to provide the community integrative services in allergy and clinical immunology with high standards of excellence putting together medical care, research, and teaching.

Centro Regional de Alergia e Inmunología Clínica is an undergraduate and postgraduate training center providing prevention-oriented health care services in our outpatient clinic and research center with high-quality standards, in benefit of the general community of Monterrey and other surrounding states in northeastern Mexico.

CRAIC is located in a total area of ​​1,000 m2 on the fourth floor of the outpatient clinic building in the UANL´s University Hospital. Our daily activities focus on our institution´s core philosophy: medical assistance in our outpatient clinic, research, and teaching.

Our medical services are primarily focused on prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of immuno-allergic diseases through comprehensive patient care for adults and children specializing in respiratory, skin, drugs, food and hymenoptera allergy as well in immunodeficiency disorders. We conduct an annual educational program on asthma and allergic diseases, in which our professors and staff are actively involved, as well as national and international guest professors. For 29 years, this educational program has included medical education courses in these subjects, targeting health professionals, patients, and their families; as well as organizing summer camps for asthmatic children with educational, sport, recreational and research activities.

The postgraduate specialization program in Allergy and Clinical Immunology has been granted for more than 15 years with the Excellence status as a “High Level International Postgraduate Program”, the only one in Mexico fulfilling all high-quality standards of the Science and Technology National Council (CONACYT). Up until 2016, we have more than one hundred graduates in Allergy and Clinical Immunology, with previous training in Pediatrics or Internal Medicine and we actively teach in the School of Medicine´s allergy syllabus for more than one thousand medical students annually.

CRAIC professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students, continuously design, conduct and publish original and pharmaceutical research papers in lead allergy journals. Our staff is actively involved in different national and international organizations, associations and colleges developing multiple academic and research agreements.

Since 2000, Sandra N. Gonzalez-Diaz, MD PhD FAAAAI, who has a brilliant career at a national and international level in the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, is responsible for the leadership of CRAIC. With the collaboration of the entire professor staff perform various activities in teaching, medical assistance and research, such as Alejandra Macías-Weinmann, MD, Alfredo Arias-Cruz, MD PhD FAAAAI, Gabriela Rodriguez-Galindo, MD PhD, José Ignacio Canseco-Villarreal, MD, Marisela Hernández-Robles, MD, José Antonio Buenfil-López, MD, María del Carmen Zárate-Hernández, MD PhD, Lucía Leal-Villarreal, MD PhD, Hilda Hernández-Sánchez, MD, and Bárbara Elizondo-Villarreal, MD.

Working together with the World Allergy Organization, pairing our missions and guidelines, as the only WAO´s Center of Excellence in the Western Hemisphere, we offer 24/7 allergy specialized health services, develop education and rehabilitation programs for patients and their family, and generate new medical knowledge oriented to improve immuno-allergic diseases, always in a continuous improvement process, achieving high quality and excellence levels.

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